Website connects buyers and sellers of purebred cattle

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Groton – is a new and exclusive way to advertise registered cattle to potential customers by connecting cattle operations across the country through a simple, easy-to-use website. The first of its kind, there has never been a more efficient or effective way to promote an operation large or small, while marketing cattle and semen all year round.

“ is a platform to put all your information in one, centralized location,” explained Garth Waletich, creator and founder. “It’s easier to access for commercial cattleman and a great way to promote your operation.”

The website is set up much like a social network for cattlemen by connecting ranches, feedlots and individual buyers from across the country, making this a truly unique service. To be part of the site, a oneyear subscription allows anyone to easily become a member and includes a 100 percent money back guarantee if doesn’t meet expectations.

“We stand behind our product the same way you stand behind your bulls,” assured Waletich. members have their own webpage on the site where they can feature purebred cattle and semen with multiple photos, videos, EPDs, scan data, sales results and much more. The information can be put on the site as soon as it is obtained giving the ranch more exposure time with potential buyers. After members have their information posted on the site, starts their advertising campaign. The campaign includes email blasts, connection to’s 7,000 plus Facebook followers, Twitter updates, sale calendars within agricultural publications and over-the-phone contacting. The website system can be used on mobile devices so everything can be viewed on a smartphone or tablet. knows the industry because Waletich not only works in the industry, but has been a part of it his whole life. Waletich was raised on a farm in Eden, S.D. and is now running a registered herd of his own. A strong supporter and promoter of the beef industry, Waletich saw a void in marketing for purebred breeders. To fill that void and give producers another opportunity to utilize technology and help increase profits, Waletich created

“This industry is our passion,” shared Waletich, “and we will work harder than anyone to get you more bids and increase your operation’s exposure. We look forward to working for the cattleman while promoting our industry.”