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The October 6, 2013 meeting of the Lazy Farmers was held at the Groton Community Center.

Wyatt Sombke called the meeting to order. The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Brody Sombke, and the 4-H pledge was led by Mark Leonhardt. Twenty-three members answered the roll call question, “How can you promote 4-H this week?” New members attending were Portia and Pierce Kettering, Lexi Osterman, Jayla Jones, and Kelby Tracy. Graduating members from 2012-2013 are Taylor and Cheyenne Leonhardt, Tara Telkamp, and Ellie Harms.

The September secretary’s minutes were read by Alex Stange, and a motion was made by Maryn to approve and seconded by Mark. The treasurers report was read by Alexis G., and a motion was made by Mark and seconded by Brody to approve. Bills were submitted by the Stanges for fair concession stand club donations and Threshing Bee supplies.

Old business included ribbon premium and asking members about taking project “tickets” home from the fair. Members were asked to talk to the 4-H office if they know they did not turn them in after judging at the fair and accidentally took them home. Community service projects by individuals were completed by Cassandra and Kelby helping at their Sunday Schools.

New business: National 4-H week was October 6-12. Members were asked to wear their 4-H tshirts to school that week and promote 4-H. Members were also encouraged to get their thank yous written and deliver cookies to businesses who support the 4-H program.

Officers for 2013-2014 were elected as follows: Tyra Leonhardt was elected president. Last year it was voted the VP would move into president office unless they were graduating. Alex Stange was elected Vice President. A motion was made by Mark and seconded by Tanae for nominations cease in VP election. Hannah Webb was elected secretary. Motion was made by Mark and seconded by Lane for nominations cease in secretary election. Kari Hanson was elected treasurer. The nomination cease motion was made by Brody and seconded by Mark. Portia Kettering was elected photographer. Motion made by Travis for nomination cease and seconded by Brody. Wyatt Sombke and Brody Sombke were appointed junior leaders.

The club voted on a December 1 Christmas party at Jungle Lanes. Wyatt and Brody were appointed to contact Jungle Lanes and reserve a 4 p.m. rental time.

Newshound was emailed and a copy was available at the meeting.

The next meeting was scheduled November 10 at noon, prior to the Recognition Event at the Ramada in Meeting Room A. Pizza and pop will be served. Tessa, Portia, Kari and Tanae volunteered to bring 2 dozen cookies, and Makayla volunteered to help set-up for the Recognition Event since the Lazy Farmers are one of the host clubs this year.

Mark made a motion to adjourn the meeting and Hannah seconded it.

There were no demonstrations or talks.

Refreshments were served by Lexi Osterman, Jayla Jones, and Faith Fliehs.

Respectfully submitted by Alex Stange Secretary/Reporter.