NUTRIQUEST launches a new ingredient for starter pigs

Farm Forum

Mason City, Iowa (AgPR) — NUTRIQUEST is pleased to announce the launch of Evosure, its new specialty ingredient developed specifically to optimize starter pig performance. Evosure is purpose-built to meet the needs of pig producers, who are constantly on the quest for new methods of improving starter pig performance.

“Evosure has demonstrated positive results through multiple replicated trials and will be beneficial to producers operating in ever-changing economic and production landscapes,” said Dr. Chad Hagen, Senior Vice President of NUTRIQUEST.

The NUTRIQUEST team has proven experience in the design and development of yeast-based products with a team of scientists who together have a combined 110 years of experience in research and product development.

In designing Evosure, the development team utilized over 7,800 pigs in seven controlled, highly replicated research trials conducted in commercial production environments. Research has clearly shown that in targeted starter pig application Evosure outperforms leading competitors’ products in starter feed applications.

NUTRIQUEST recommends combining its two leading yeast-based technologies to maximize starter pig performance. Using research and experience-proven second generation CEL-CAN in sow diets for heavier pigs at weaning and Evosure in starter diets to improve nursery performance optimizes overall pig performance and profitability.

“Evosure is yet another stride in the continued growth of the NUTRIQUEST product portfolio, which continues our commitment to the animal agriculture industry and will ensure we deliver on our goal of developing products and technologies that enhance animal productivity in a cost effective, safe and healthy manner while respecting the environment,” said Ken Purser, General Manager of NUTRIQUEST.