Horsch receives top product awards

Farm Forum

MAPLETON, N.D. — Horsch received two silver medals, as well as Machine of the Year and Milestone of Agricultural Engineering awards, at Agritechnica 2013, held November 10-14 in Hanover, Germany.

Among the 18 products that Horsch exhibited, its new Leeb line of pull-type and self-propelled sprayers received a silver medal and the prestigious Machine of the Year 2014 award for its innovative BoomControl Pro system. In this patented design, the boom is independently mounted from the sprayer chassis. As a result, centrifugal forces and rough terrain do not negatively affect boom position. The BoomControl Pro offers an advanced electronic system to accurately adjust the booms according to the ground contour, even when traveling at higher speeds.

Horsch received a second silver medal award for grain singulation technology, which gives its standard air seeders enhanced precision capabilities comparable to planter metering systems. The patented technology uses a central metering unit that pneumatically transfers grain from the central hopper to the singulator in the respective row. The system can be installed on new and existing Horsch seeders and is controlled by an on-board electronic system, which allows the operator to accurately set the desired seeding rate.

In addition to the two silver medals and Machine of the Year award, Horsch received a Milestone of Agricultural Engineering award for the company’s pioneering spirit and innovations in the category of “Farming Without a Plough.”

“2013 was Horsch’s most successful year exhibiting at Agritechnica,” said Luke Thornton, director of sales for Horsch, LLC. “Although not all of the innovations on display are available in North America, our engineers in the United States continue to develop these technologies for eventual use on North American farms.”

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