Diamond V makes upper level management changes on Jan. 1

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Cedar Rapids, Iowa — Diamond V recently announced upper level management changes which took effect January 1, 2014. President and CEO John Bloomhall transitioned to Chairman of the Board. Past Chairman of the Board Bill Bloomhall continues to serve as a board member. Jeff Cannon moved from Senior Vice President of Planning and Business Development to President and CEO with day-to-day management responsibilities.

Rounding out top management are Paul Faganel, Executive Vice President, Secretary & President of Embria Health Sciences, a sister company of Diamond V; Mike Goble, Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer, Diamond V; and David Lusson, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Diamond V.

Diamond V, headquartered in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, USA, is a global nutrition and health company manufacturing all-natural fermentation products that improve the nutrition, health and performance in livestock, poultry and aquaculture.


Bloomhall, the fifth family member to lead Diamond V, says trust is what he mostly closely associates with Diamond V. “Starting with my grandfather C.W. Bloomhall in 1943, Diamond V has spent 70 years building trust with our customers and the industry. From the best and brightest people who join the Diamond V team to our world-class product portfolio, everything we do focuses on serving the customer and building a trusting relationship.”

As he looks back over his 25 years at Diamond V, following 12 years in various staff and management positions at IBM, Bloomhall says he thinks first of “the wonderful people at Diamond V. They are the real difference makers who are passionate about what they do every day.”

He would like others first and foremost to know that “Diamond V is committed to creating innovative solutions to the current and future needs of our customers around the world. Our people will build trusting relationships to achieve sustainable, profitable solutions.”


As Cannon steps into the company’s most visible leadership role, he says “It is certainly an honor for me to have an opportunity to continue the legacy John and Diamond V have created in the animal nutrition and health industry.

Cannon, who has been with Diamond V for 10 years, is a member of the Diamond V Board of Directors and chairs the board of directors for the Diamond V China Subsidiary. Prior to joining Diamond V, he was a partner in an international accounting firm and served as a business advisor for 22 years to domestic and worldwide agricultural companies, including Diamond V.

Cannon says Diamond V has experienced significant growth in the past five years. “Acceptance of our technologies is accelerating. Our investments in research, manufacturing capacity and expertise are expanding to meet the rapid growth and acceptance of our technology deployment,” he says.

New species-specific technologies have been introduced in recent years. Each is supported by credible research and animal testing. “We will continue to couple our proven technologies with industry leading expertise to collaborate with all colleagues in the feed and food industry to help improve the productivity and safety of our feed and food supply,” Cannon says.

Future Direction

Diamond V is a leader in providing technologies and expertise that help animals do better. “This will continue to be critical as we work to help produce more with less, increase feed and food safety, and work toward making sure people don’t go hungry,” he says.

“The history and dedication toward research and technology innovation has earned Diamond V a reputation of trust and reliability in the marketplace which provides a platform to collaborate even closer with others in the industry to provide access to the existing Diamond V time-tested and reach-proven technologies as well as new innovations that are in development.

“We have a responsibility to make sure the markets have access to our technologies and expertise and we will continue to invest heavily in our research and expertise deployment to collaborate in meeting the needs of an evolving food production industry,” Cannon says.