Setting it Straight

Farm Forum

The article “How will companies help farmers deal with the challenges of 2014?” that appeared on page 83F of the Jan. 3 Farm Forum contained some errors. We would like to set the record straight.

• The name of the company that Troy Johnson works for is Wilbur-Ellis.

• The Wilbur-Ellis internship program started in South Dakota, and it will be expanding into North Dakota and Nebraska.

• Wilbur-Ellis has launched a drift reduction technology known as CROSSHAIR, and the company has partnered with the University of Nebraska in its drift reduction efforts.

• Wilbur-Ellis works well with such companies as Monsanto, Dow AgroSciences and Valent to access and source products that producers need.

We regret the errors. The Farm Forum tries to be fair and accurate. Errors discovered by our staff or our readers will be corrected in our pages. If you find an error, email