American Farm Bureau Foundation announces ag ‘Book of the Year’ for kids

Farm Forum

Huron – The American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture has announced its “Book of the Year” for children to learn about agriculture, and South Dakotans say they are excited about the book’s direct tie to their state.

The Beeman by Laurie Krebs is an attractively illustrated book, written for elementary students to learn about the importance of caring for honeybees.

“It looks like it’s going to be a very interesting book that we can bring back to South Dakota and use in our Accurate Ag Books program, partly because South Dakota is number two in the nation for honey production,” said Cindy Foster, a farmer from Fulton, S.D. and Chair of the South Dakota Farm Bureau Women’s Leadership Team.

Through this “Accurate Ag Books” program, County Farm Bureau organizations purchase the books and donate them to elementary classrooms or libraries. Farmer and rancher volunteers go into the classrooms, read the books to the students, and do a fun activity with them. Books that are chosen for this program must accurately represent modern agriculture.

“To date, we have gotten over 2,000 Accurate Ag Books out into schools across the state, and this one will be available for our counties to order. We will also put together some other activities that go along with this book for those who go into the classrooms and read them and interact with the individual students,” Foster added.

Honey production last year in South Dakota totaled 17 million pounds, second in the nation behind the 34 million pounds produced in North Dakota.