South Dakota 4-H announces 2013-2014 Hometown Heroes

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BROOKINGS – The South Dakota CHARACTER COUNTS! Project announces the 2013-2014 Hometown Heroes- Poster Project.

The poster project got its start in the Sioux Empire CHARACTER COUNTS! program and has operated there for 18 years. This project is in its second year as a statewide project for the 4-H program.

“This fall, 94 high school Hometown Heroes from 40 South Dakota communities, including the Sioux Empire, will carry the message that “Good Character is Right There InsideYou,” said Phil Olson, project coordinator and South Dakota 4-H CC! Regional Coordinator.

Olson said that through the program, more than 10,000 elementary and middle school students will hear this message statewide. In all, there are four poster regions, Northeast, Sioux Empire, Southeast and West.

What is the Hometown Heros Poster Project

Each student participating in the Hometown Heroes Poster Project is pictured on a poster representing his or her region of the state. Under their photo, each student has shared a statement about the importance of “Good Character!” Olson explained.

Each set of Hometown Heroes representatives will provide character lessons to their local elementary students in their school classrooms.

“The goal is to help young students think about a specific action they might take related to the pillar information each Hometown Hero shares,” Olson said.

The Hometown Heroes lessons support the goals of the CHARACTER COUNTS! program which is to teach and model core values known as the Six Pillars of Character the pillars include: trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, and citizenship.

To receive a copy of the Hometown Heroes poster from your region email Phil at