Area Wheat Growers member-owners win state honors

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The South Dakota Soybean Association and South Dakota Soybean Research and Promotion Council’s annual South Dakota Soybean Yield and Quality Contest produced several Wheat Growers member-owner winners.

Thirteen Wheat Growers member-owners were given yield honors in this year’s South Dakota soybean and corn contests.

In SD Group 0 Non-Irrigated category, Michael McCranie of Claremont, took third place with a 70.93 bushels-per-acre yield. Matthew McCranie of Claremont, took second place in the SD Group 0 No-Till category with a 70.10 bushels-per-acre yield.

Chris Styles of Brentford took first place in the SD Group I Non-Irrigated with a 77.62 bushels-per-acre yield. Travis Swisher of Groton took third place with a 76.10 bushels-per-acre yield. And Stacy Frericks of Ashton, took third place in the SD Group I No-Till category.

The National Corn Growers Corn Yield Contest produced several Wheat Growers member-owner winners.

In the SD A Non-Irrigated category, Jeff Fliehs of Groton had the highest-ranked yield at 264.18 bushels-per-acre. Fliehs was also mentioned for a yield of 258.47 bushels-per-acre.

Fliehs also did well in the SD A No-Till/Strip-Till Non-Irrigated category, with the top two yields of 258.09 and 231.96 bushels-per-acre. Boekelheide & Sons Inc. of Northville took third place with a 229.97 bushels-per-acre yield.

The SD Irrigated category showed two Wheat Growers member-owners with honors. Riverside Farms of Huron took first place with a 293.12 bushels-per-acre yield. Clarence Waldner of Frankfort, took third with a 265.66 bushels-per-acre yield.

In the SD No-Till/Strip-Till Irrigated category, Riverside Farms was honored for a yield of 280.66 bushels-per-acre.