Brad Sibson promoted to Wheat Growers Operations Talent Manager

Farm Forum

Aberdeen — Brad Sibson has been named Operations Talent Manager for Wheat Growers. In making the announcement of Sibson’s promotion, Vice President of Operations Chris Pearson noted that Wheat Growers must continue to foster the development and mentorship of their employee team in a way that promotes tangible and meaningful results.

“Brad has a long history in our company of hiring and developing the people around him and we want to be able to use that talent across our system,” Pearson said. “He will now be responsible for helping our operations group identify and assess the talented people that we already have working for us, creating and assisting with development plans, mentoring our team members that have less experience with the job they are holding, succession planning and any other functions that involve helping our people reach their full potential in our system.”

Sibson has been with Wheat Growers for 33 years, serving as location manager in six different locations over 28 years. Most recently, he has been the location manager at Huron for 13 years and has also been managing the Wolsey location for the past three years.

“Any position I’ve ever been asked to take with Wheat Growers I like to know that it’s important to the continued growth of the cooperative,” Sibson said. “I believe that’s the case with this latest opportunity. I’m thrilled to take on this new challenge, because I have a passion for helping people grow in their career and life.”