Seminars during the KBJM Farm and Home Show March 14

Farm Forum

BROOKINGS — Several informative seminars will run during the KBJM Farm and Home Show March 14, 2014, in Lemmon at the Palace Theater.

Seminar information:

11 a.m. to Noon – History of oil and gas development is the topic of the presentation given by Paul Thares – SDSU Extension Community Development Field Specialist.

• Attendees will learn about the history of oil and gas development within in the Williston Basin and South Dakota. Attendees will also learn about the positive and negative effects oil and gas development has on Community Development. In addition attendees will learn about current drilling activities and be given fact and figures on oil and gas development within South Dakota and North Dakota. Whoever attends will learn and be entertained.

1 to 2 p.m. – Pregnant Cow Nutrition: How Does it Affect Progeny? Presented by Amanda Blair, Animal Science Department Associate Professor, Blair will focus her discussion on fetal programming research in beef cattle and the effects on performance and meat quality. During gestation there is a tremendous draw of nutrients to meet the demands of the developing fetus and if these demands are not met alterations in fetal development can occur. This field of research will enhance efforts to improve the efficiency of beef production from conception to consumption.

2 to 2:30 p.m. – Managing for Lifetime Reproductive Success in Beef Heifers will be the focus of the presentation given by Robin Salverson, SDSU Extension Cow/Calf Field Specialist. The presentation will highlight research.

• Research has shown it takes six calves to pay for development costs and annual maintenance of a replacement heifer. The question is “Are females staying in the herd this long?” Over 15 percent of all culled cows leave the herd before five years resulting in decreased profitability. Therefore it is critical to understand how management impacts pregnancy and longevity.

To learn more, contact the SDSU Extension Regional Center in Lemmon 605-374-4177. Everyone is welcome.