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Putney Putovers

The Putney Putover’s 4-H Club met on Feb. 11, at the Groton Community Center. The host and hostesses were Ashley Gibbs and Jillian Hughes. Alexis Hanton led the U.S. flag pledge, Caleb Hanton led the state pledge, and Jillian Hughes led the 4-H pledge. Roll call topic was “Favorite Valentine Candy.” There was no secretary’s report. The treasurer’s report was $2,031.00. Emma Donley made a motion to accept the treasurer’s report, and Haily Monson seconded it.

Old business: The club made a donation for the welcome home baskets which were presented at the 60-day Yellow Ribbon event, held on Saturday, Feb. 22.

Demonstrations/talks were given by: Caleb Hanton (demo) – How to Make a Fishtail Bracelet; Carly Wheeting (talk) – How to Choose your Meat Goat; Emma Donley (talk) – Dietary Fiber for a Healthy Diet, (demo) How to make Healthy Cookies.

Business discussed at the meeting: Fruit sales were turned in on Feb. 26. A group project will be held on the March/April meetings. We will be making pillow cases. Members will need to bring 1 yard of fabric for the body, 1/2 yard for the trim, and 1/8 yard optional for accent, all coordinating fabrics.

The next club meeting well be held at the Groton Community Center on March 10 at 6 p.m. Brenna and Porter Johnson are host and hostesses. Joellen Gonsoir and Dylan Kruger are community service.

— Submitted by Tage Taylor

Dakota Sharpshooters

The Dakota Sharpshooters met March 4, 2014, at the Northern Electric building.

The members started their meeting by doing bean soup packets. Jessemy Sharp led the American Pledge, and Grace Malsam led the 4-H pledge. Our roll call topic tonight was “What you have already done in 4-H so far?” Jessemy Sharp, the club corresponder, sent a thank you letter to her art teacher who came to the meeting in February to show us how to make a zentangle. At this meeting the members talked about what they will be doing next month for project day. If any of the members think of a cool project the club can do between now and project day, they should contact Gretchen, club leader, so the members will be able to do it on project day.

At this meeting Kya Jandel, Rease Jandel and Shea Jandel gave a presentation together about shooting sports. They each gave a talk for their presentation. Kya’s talk was about gun safety, parts of the gun and shooting positions. Rease’s talk was about things you need for shooting sports. Shea’s was about how to make the B.B. holder and the target with a box.

The next meeting will be the project night. It will be held at the Northern Electric building on April 1 at 7:00 p.m.

— Submitted by Megan Malsam, club reporter