Siouxland Youth Shooting Organization BB Gun Competition results

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Sioux Falls Izaac Walton League — The Siouxland Youth Shooting Organization held a very successful BB Gun Competition March 9, 2014. Over 60 shooters of all ages came out to show off their skills during this fun event. SYSO continues to meet Sunday afternoons training youth in the sport of BB Gun, Air Pistol and Air Rifle skills and gun safety. The club also meets on Saturday mornings at Archers Addiction off the Renner exit for archery practice and training. The South Dakota State Shooting Sports Matches will be held April 25-27 in Ft. Pierre, SD. More information can be obtained by calling 605-940-7900 or 605-743-5270.

2014 SYSO BB Gun Shoot Winners

Adult Overall: Louise Perrion; Division Winners: Michael Messersmith, Scott Ivey, Matthew Perrion, Mark Harder, Andy Perrion and Jenny Galpin

Senior Overall: Clell Swanson; Division Winners: Kyra Mc Millin, Morgan Messersmith, Alisha Kaske

Junior Overall: Jacob Harden; Division Winners: Riley Greenhoff, Callie Ivey, Alisha McMartin, Mark McKee, Cian McMillian, Hailey Galpin

Beginner Overall: Mya Dissing; Division Winners: Cole Swanson, Julia Ivey, Toby Kehrwald, Grace Harden.

Congratulations to all participants, and a HUGE thank you to our sponsors (CocaCola, Walmart, Renner Locker, Fareway, and parents) AND to all the parents and organizers who make this event and our club possible.