Onset announces industry’s lowest-cost water level loggers

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BOURNE, Mass. – Onset recently announced the HOBO U20L Series, the industry’s lowest-cost, research-grade data loggers for continuous water level and temperature measurements in streams, lakes, saltwater estuaries, and other underwater environments.

HOBO U20L Series Water Level Loggers set a new standard for price/performance in the water monitoring industry. Priced at just $299, the loggers combine 0.1% measurement accuracy, a polypropylene housing for use in both fresh and saltwater, and a non-vented design for convenient and hassle-free deployment. Available in 13-, 30-, and 100-foot depth models, the loggers will be used in a range of environmental monitoring applications, from ecology studies to hurricane storm surge monitoring.

Deployment-Friendly Design

Unlike traditional water level loggers, which rely on cumbersome vent tubes and desiccant packs for operation, HOBO U20L Water Level Loggers operate as stand-alone units. This simplifies deployment and eliminates many of the maintenance issues associated with vent tube-based loggers.

The HOBO U20 logger also features Onset’s Optical Interface, eliminating issues associated with failure-prone mechanical connectors, and it’s compatible with Onset’s HOBO Waterproof Shuttle for safe, convenient data offload in the field.

Powerful Software

To analyze and plot water level data, Onset offers HOBOware, a highly intuitive graphing and analysis software package. HOBOware provides a user-friendly graphical user interface, and offers a number of convenient features such as a Barometric Compensation Assistant, which enables easy pressure-to-level conversion. The software also features a Bulk Export tool that allows users to export data files to text format for use in spreadsheets.

Pricing and Availability

HOBO U20L Series Water Level Loggers are available immediately from Onset and are priced at $299. Complete pricing details and technical specifications can be found at