SDBIC Board of Directors meet, discuss project funding

Farm Forum

PIERRE — The South Dakota Beef Industry Council (SDBIC) Board of Directors (BOD) met in Pierre, S.D., on March 5, 2014. The 24-member BOD gathered to discuss upcoming projects, as well as review the success of previous checkoff-related events and promotions.

“The newly-formed Evaluation Committee met and approved a Mission Statement and an evaluation matrix to be used to help determine which programs in the areas of Consumer Education, Industry Information and Producer Communication merit funding,” said Ron Frederick, SDBIC Executive Director. “The Promotion and Research Committees will also use the form for prioritizing which projects receive funding in their respective areas.”

A Three-Year Strategic Long Range Plan for fiscal year 2015-2017 was approved by the general assembly of the BOD.

“The long range plan sets goals and priorities for more specific targeting of consumers through the use of social media,” explained Frederick. “The plan will help to convey a positive image of the beef industry, as well as educate consumers on the nutritional benefits of lean beef in a balanced diet and how it fits into a healthful lifestyle. We also want to make sure consumers are properly informed on food safety and how beef not only tastes good but can be convenient to prepare, as well.”

SDBIC staff members Teri Heninger, Holly Swee, Briana Burgers, Tracey Walsh, and Frederick also gave reports on winter projects of the SDBIC, including the Black Hills Stock Show, Facebook and Twitter promotions, Team Beef South Dakota, Beef Quality Assurance and more.

The next meeting date has been set for June 4 in Pierre, S.D. For more information on your checkoff investment, see