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University of Minnesota Extension has recently launched a U of MN Extension Crops YouTube video site. It can be accessed through the newly updated U of MN Extension Crops webpage at under “Social Media”.

Have you been wondering how much influence nozzle type can have on drift potential? Check out the “Herbicide Spray Drift Demonstration” video for an in-field comparison of herbicide applications using various spray nozzles under high drift conditions. Would you like a better understanding of how herbicide resistant weeds develop and how different types of herbicides affect or kill susceptible plants? Check out the herbicide resistance management videos which help explain how herbicide resistant populations develop and the mode of action of important herbicide chemistries.

The site also contains a series of videos on soil compaction. Topics covered range from a discussion describing the effects of soil compaction on crop production and the importance of soil structure in defending against compaction to how managing wheel traffic and tire inflation can help prevent soil compaction. The site also contains a video demonstrating the use of drones in pest management research.

More videos on a range of crops topics will be posted in the future. You can subscribe to the channel to be notified of new postings by clicking on the “subscribe” button on the website.