Milbank FFA Chapter advances to national recognition

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The Milbank FFA Chapter attended the 86th South Dakota FFA Convention, April 6-8 with 42 FFA members. Milbank FFA members were recognized for their AgriScience projects, Supervised Agricultural Experience achievements and received their State FFA Degree, the highest degree given out by the South Dakota State FFA Association. Milbank FFA Chapter members also participated in Career Development Events, with the 1st placing teams advancing to represent South Dakota at the National FFA Convention in October.

On April 6, the following Milbank FFA members were recognized:

AgriScience — Kadon Leddy placed 1st in the Human Studies component of the Agriscience Competition. Kadon will now advance on to Regional FFA Recognition.

Agriculture Communication — Kiera Leddy placed 2nd in Agriculture Communication.

Veterinary Science Placement — Zach Sousa placed 1st for placement at Dakota Valley Vet Clinic. The FFA Agricultural Proficiency Awards recognize members who have developed their skills and abilities related to employment, internships, apprenticeships and their future careers at agribusinesses or agriculture-related organizations. There are 49 Proficiency areas for FFA members to participate in.

State FFA Degree — Milbank FFA members receiving the State FFA Degree: Rebecca Leddy, Alexandra Magilke, Sean Pinkert, Kasey Schmidt, Mikayla Sousa, Rebecca Stohr, Brock Tillma, Riley VanderWal. The State FFA Degree, the highest degree of membership conferred by the South Dakota FFA. The requirements for the State FFA degree include:

• Have earned and productively invested at least $1,000, or worked at least 300 hours in excess of scheduled class time, or a combination thereof, in a supervised agricultural experience program.

• Demonstrated leadership ability by:

– Performing ten procedures of Parliamentary Law

– Giving a six minute speech.

– Serving as an officer, committee chairperson, or participating member of a chapter committee

Career Development Events — On April 8, the Career Development Events teams were announced. The first place teams will represent South Dakota at the National FFA Convention in October in Louisville.

Agricultural Technology and Mechanical Systems team — 1st Place. Brock Tillma, 2nd place, Mikayla Brakke, 4th place; Zach Wiese and Melissa Lenards. The Agricultural Technology and Mechanical Systems CDE helps students develop their technical skills and knowledge, and their ability to work with others to solve complex problems. The participants take a written test and demonstrate their skills through hands-on activities in the following system areas: machinery and equipment systems, electrical systems, energy systems, environmental and natural resources systems and structural systems.

Meats Evaluation and Technology team — 1st Place. Kadon Leddy, 1st place; Paige Johnson, 2nd place; William Mischel, 8th place and Kiera Leddy. In the Meats Evaluation and Technology CDE, students develop the skills needed for careers in the meat animal industry. During the event, members complete a evaluate beef carcasses for quality and yield grade; identify various meat cuts and place carcasses, and identify wholesale and/or retail cuts. FFA members take a written exam that tests their knowledge of meat selection, storage, cooking, nutrition and safety. Participants become not only better agriculturalists but also better consumers. Kierca Leddy coached the team.

Veterinary Science — 1st Place. Sharon Folk, 2nd place; Michael DeWald, 5th place; Patricia Freier Deus, 8th and Rebecca Leddy. Event participants will have their veterinary science knowledge tested in the written exam as well as in the breed, equipment and parasite identification. Members also demonstrate hands-on skills in the clinical and handling/restraining practicums. This event allows participants to utilize high level knowledge in math and science.

Dairy Cattle — 2nd placing. Alysha Madsen, 1st place; Zach Sousa, 3rd place; Sarah Jarman, and Kayla Steltz. Suzanne Souza coached the team.

Milk Quality and Products (Dairy Foods) — 3rd Team Placing. Members of the team are: Flavia Hasenboehler, 2nd place; Taylor Seehafer, 6th place; Austin Wendland, 10th place and Kayla Holtquist.

Agronomy — 5h Team Placing. Members of the team are: Claire Kastrup, 7th placing; Riley VanderWal, Andrew Christensen, and Tiffany Mielitz.

Food Science — 5th Team placing. Members of the team are: Katie Cannedy, Chris Loutsch, Brianna Schreurs, Rebekah Tuchscherer

Horse — 7th Team Placing. Members of the team Rebecca Stohr-6th placing, Rebecca Leddy, Alexandra Magilke and Mikayla Sousa. Jody Carlson coached the team.

Floricutlure — 7th team Placing. Members of the team are Kristen Bierbsbach, Ashley McCulloch, Korrine Roggenbuck and Taryn Schneck.

In other FFA Convention activities, Jamie Mundwiler and Anna Kurtz were the delegates to the South Dakota Convention Sessions. Kasey Schmidt tried out for a State FFA Officer position. Jamie Mundwiler was sang the National Anthem at the April 7 morning session.

Jerry Janisch is the Milbank FFA Advisor.