New website, products from custom cattle tags

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Cattle producers looking for affordable ways to identify their herd and collect data should visit the Custom Cattle Tags website, a service provided by the American Angus Association. Visit to order ear tags, applicators, syringes and other accessories needed to manage cattle this spring.

Custom Cattle Tags provides high quality, customized ear tags for cattle producers across the nation, and recent updates to the website include a new look and several tags and syringes added to the line up.

“Our top priority is supplying cattlemen with affordable identification options that they can rely on,” says Ginette Kurtz, who manages the Custom Cattle Tags website. “It’s a simple way to order all your supplies in one place, at the best prices.”

New products available include the Allflex A Tag, which is a one-piece ear tag that comes in two sizes and nine different colors. A Tags can be ordered with pre-printed numbers or also left blank. In addition, Allflex bottle top syringes are now available on the website. The 25 and 50 cc repeater Allflex syringes are currently listed online.

Custom Cattle Tags also offers two-piece ear tags from Destron Fearing. Customized ear tags are available in four sizes and ten colors, and each tag can be customized through a user-friendly website, which allows producers to see a visual proof before placing the order.

“Our interactive website puts you in the driver’s seat from start to finish,” Kurtz says. “All tags must be approved prior to printing so that you are completely satisfied with the final product.”

Even with the wide array of customization options, tags ordered through Custom Cattle Tags remain affordable. For example, an extra large, two-piece tag with a management number and three lines of text on the front, is priced at $1.10 per tag.

Kurtz encourages breeders to go online and see what prices are available to meet their herd needs. Every farm or ranch is different, and the American Angus Association is committed to providing identification options for a variety of management styles, and those that can meet Animal Disease Traceability requirements.

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