Zoetis launches Calf Wellness

Farm Forum

FLORHAM PARK, N.J. — Zoetis recently announced the launch of Calf Wellness, a program that emphasizes Dairy Wellness solutions for all key calf and heifer growth stages, from newborn calves through pre-fresh heifers. The program focuses on five foundations of calf and heifer management: nutrition, disease management, reproduction, genetics and labor.

Calf Wellness from Zoetis offers a complete portfolio of products and services, backed by industry-leading expertise, to help producers and growers keep their calf and heifer programs on the path to success. The purpose of Calf Wellness is to provide the tools necessary to help young cattle achieve their future potential and improve Dairy Wellness.

“Young heifers have a big job ahead of them as future members of the milking herd,” said Robert Lynch, DVM, senior veterinarian, Dairy Technical Services, Zoetis. “Producers and heifer growers have a small window of opportunity to realize the full potential of these young animals. Once this window of opportunity closes, that’s it. So every decision during that time really matters.”

A key component of the Calf Wellness program is a new management-focused website, CalfWellness.com. This interactive website provides producers, growers and veterinarians with hands-on tools and resources to maximize their calf and heifer programs. Resources cover a range of topics, including newborn care, disease management, post-weaning growth and transition, heifer reproduction and genetics. Hands-on tools include:

• Calf & Heifer Assessment to identify management improvements

• Calf Wellness Guide bilingual booklet of calf and heifer management tips

• Health Scoring Criteria, developed by Dr. Sheila McGuirk with the University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Veterinary Medicine, for identifying potential disease symptoms

“Zoetis wants to do everything possible to provide producers, growers and veterinarians with management resources so they can take the best care of these young animals,” said Dr. Lynch. “Doing the little things at each step during these critical life stages will help keep them on the path for achieve Dairy Wellness.”

Learn more about Calf Wellness by talking with your Zoetis representative or by visiting CalfWellness.com.