Letter: EPA wants too much control

Farm Forum

As a member of the Environmental, Energy and Land Use steering committee for NACo (National Association of County Commissioners) and a board member of that association, I applaud Val Wagner’s column (”EPA oversteps with Clean Water Act”) on EPA’s continuing efforts to control the “Waters of the U.S.”

At NACo, we have been dealing with the EPA for over five years to keep the EPA and Corps of Engineers from getting control of our ponds, ditches in rural areas, and water runoffs from our streets in our local towns. Anyone who has dealt with getting federal permits knows it is not automatic, speedy, nor simple.

Val stated, “the EPA is attempting to regulate in areas it was never meant to regulate.” A very true statement.

Every farmer, farm organization, city councils, and anyone who wants less, not more, governmental regulations controlling your water needs to write or call your congressional representative and demand that they do not allow EPA to control all “Waters of the U.S.”

Nancy Hansen