New Angus asks about money for landscape

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Aberdeen city officials heard some encouraging news Monday about New Angus LLC.

The CEO for New Angus, formerly known as Northern Beef Packers, contacted City Manager Lynn Lander to ask about spending the $89,130 set aside in an escrow account for required landscaping work. Lander relayed that information during his manager’s report to the Aberdeen City Council on Monday evening.

Northern Beef Packers filed for bankruptcy in 2013 and was purchased by White Oak Financial Advisors during foreclosure proceedings. The sale was finalized with the formation of a new corporation, New Angus LLC.

Lander said the escrow was set up to allow for the completion of landscaping requirements. Those requirements were not met by Northern Beef Packers, he said. Lander said this past week he received a call from New Angus General Manager Keith Dehaan, who expressed interest in using the funds in the escrow account to complete the required landscaping. He said he’s aware that Dehaan has also contacted other city offices.

While conversations have taken place about the plant’s existing water treatment process, Lander said no new permitting applications have been filed at this time.

Listed among the city bills approved Monday was a $27,500 refund to New Angus LLC. City Finance Officer Karl Alberts said the $27,500 was a deposit made as part of the bankruptcy proceedings. That deposit was refunded because those proceedings have concluded.

“Payments are continuing like a regular customer,” Alberts said.

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