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The Dakota Sharpshooters met May 6 at the Northern Electric Building.

Colin Sprinkel led the American Pledge and Grace Malsam led the 4-H Pledge. Our club members will be participating in the Dairy Promotion in June. May 23rd will be the final enrollment for all 4-H members. They will need to enroll online what projects that they will be in. At this meeting Megan Malsam and Grace Malsam gave a talk. Megan’s talk was about a horse’s digestive system. Grace’s talk was about the top 18 horse breeds in the United States. The club was discussing how they could raise some money for the new 4-H Exhibit building in Huron. If any club members come up with a good fundraiser idea, they should contact one of the leaders with their ideas.

The next meeting will be June 3, 7:00, at the Sharp’s Dairy Farm.

— Submitted by Megan Malsam, club reporter

Putney Putovers

The Putney Putovers 4-H Club met on April 7 at 6 p.m. at the Simon’s. Shyla Larson and Carley Wheeting were host and hostesses. Shyla led the U.S. flag pledge, Haily led the state pledge, and Alexis Hanten led the 4-H pledge. The roll call topic was “Your Favorite 4-H Project Area.” Secretary’s report was given by Tage Taylor. The treasurer’s report was $2040.42. Tage made a motion to accept the treasures report, and Taryn seconded it.

Community service: Brenna and Porter Johnson served at church and helped clean the church.

Business discussed at the meeting: Final enrollment date for 4-H is May 31, 2014. Ashley made a motion to donate fifty dollars for S.D. 4-H Foundation.

Alexis Hanten did a talk on fun treats for kids. Dylan Kruger did a talk on horses. He also gave a demonstration: Stuff for a first aid kit for a horse. Luke Simon gave a demonstration on how to hard boil and dye eggs.

The next club meeting is on May 12 at the Groton Community C enter at 6 p.m. Hailey Monson and Ava Wienk are hostesses and Shyla Larson and Carly Wheeting.

— Submitted by Tage Taylor