International cow fertility conference webinar series

Farm Forum

The International Cow Fertility Conference Webinar Series will be offered to those who were unable to attend the conference in Westport, Mayo, Ireland on May 18-21. At a cost of $300, this webinar series will include all 10 sessions with the option to either view them live, on the date they occur, or later at your convenience.

Elective reproduction of dairy and beef cattle is critical to global food production and the economic success of cattle farms. With the average dairy and beef cow surviving only three to five lactations respectively, good fertility is the major challenge facing farmers and animal health professionals around the world. This international event will address the issues that will enable the improvement of cow fertility in beef and milk herds whilst maintaining animal health and welfare. Bringing together world experts, the conference will explore the role of nutrition, management, genetics, disease and new technologies in improving cow fertility. A series of workshops will also look at the practical side of fertility, including uterine health, superovulation and embryo transfer, the breeding bull, dry period nutrition, synchronisation and programmes for identifying and monitoring herd fertility.

For more information on the programming for the conference in Westport, Mayo, Ireland you can visit the International Cow Fertility Conference website at