U of M crops research results site

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Access to results for many of the University of Minnesota crops research trials conducted across the state has now become streamlined with the launch of the new, University of Minnesota Extension Crops Research website. This one-stop shop can be accessed at www.extension.umn.edu/crops under “Research Reports.”

The website contains results for small plot and on-farm crops research and demonstration trials conducted across southern Minnesota from 2003 to 2013. You can also access research results for crops trials conducted at Research and Outreach Centers located across the state by clicking on the respective link. Statewide results for weed science research can be accessed through the “Applied Weed Science” link, and results for the Minnesota hybrid and variety trials can be accessed through the “Minnesota Field Crops Variety Trials” link.

The Research Reports webpage supplements U of MN Crops websites such as the “Corn”, “Soybean”, “Small Grains”, “Forages”, or “Sugarbeets” websites, or the “Nutrient Management”, “Pest Management”, “Ag Drainage”, “Climate and Weather”, and “Tillage” websites, where you can find research-based information and resources to help with specific crops-related decisions.