Young people show top-notch animals at Northern Plains Livestock Day

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Young people committed to raising and showing quality goats, lamb and beef hustled to the Brown County Fairgrounds June 14 for Northern Plains Livestock Day.

Hosted by the Aberdeen Area Chamber Ag Committee, the show had 124 total entries (31 goats, 52 lambs, 41 beef) compared to last year when there were 109 (15 goats, 48 lambs, 46 beef).

Included are a Market Goat Show, Jackpot Market Lamb, a Junior No Fit Show, and a Progress Steer and Heifer show.

Showmanship was added this year to place an increased emphasis on rewarding those who have learned the skills to handle their animals in the ring and around a judge, according to Emily Richardt, Chamber liaison.

Josh Cribbs of South Dakota State University at Brookings and the livestock judging coach evaluated the animals and the way the young people handled the animals while they walked and stood in the show ring. His comments were directed at helping the exhibitors understand the reasons for ranking the animals.

The planning committee consists of Eric Payne, Becca Tullar, Lance Vilhauer, Glenn Jakober, Monica Mandernach and Emily Richardt.

Goat showmanship

Beginner: Placing first was Logan Tlam of Mt. Vernon and placing second Jamie Geyer of Lisbon, N.D.

Junior: First, Kendra Meyers of Lisbon, N.D., and second, Tavie Guzman of Clark.

Senior: First, Kylee Meyers of Lisbon, N.D.

Goat show

Doe Division Champion Goat: Logan Tlam of Mt. Vernon

Doe Division Reserve Champion: Nalea Dunsmore of Wessingon

Wether Division Champion Goat: Logan Tlam of Mt Vermon

Wether Reserve Division Champion Goat: Riley Hellman of Tabor

Overall Grand Champion Goat: Logan Tlam of Mt. Vernon

Overall Reserve Grand Champion Goat: Riley Hellmann of Tabor.

Showmanship Market Lamb Show

Beginner: First, Logan Tlam, Mt. Vernon and second, Drew Pederson, Bruce

Junior: First, Dawsyn Moroz of Centerville and second, Sydney Tlam, Mt. Vernon

Senior: First, Brooke Skoglund, Hecla and second, Kaylee Cole, Hitchcock.

JackPot Lamb Show

Division ewe winner: Brady Miller of Bruce with Suffolk ewe and reserve ewe, Dawsyn Moroz of Centerville with crossbred ewe.

Champion wether: Brady Miller with reserve wether Kristin Roe

Overall: Brady Miller of Bruce had both the winning wether and winning ewe.

No Fit

Grand no-fit heifer: Rafe Wientjes of Onida with his Charolais heifer

Reserve no-fit heifer: Rafe Wientjes of Onida with his Foundation Simmental heifer.

No fit overall grand champion: George Dennert of Columbia

No fit reserve overall grand champion: Lane Krueger of Groton

Progress Heifers

Top five heifers:

#1 Rafe Wientjes with % Simmental

#2 Nalea Dunsmore with Commercial

#3 Kristen Roe with Charolais

#4 Shannon Duxbury with Simmental

#5 Kaitlin Geyer with Red Angus

Progress Market

Top five animals:

#1 Hannah Webb with Chi

#2 George Dennert with Commercial steer

#3 Nalea Dunsmore with Chi

#4 Lane Krueger with Market Heifer

#5 Nalea Dunsmore with Commercial

Cattle Showmanship

Beginner: First place, Jamie Geyer; second place Kasey Michalski

Junior: First place, Logan Zemlicka; second place Kendra Meyer

Senior: First place, Kaitlin Geyer; second place Shannon Duxbury.