Trust in the source

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Third-party verification still plays a dominant role in the cattle markets. Many commercial Angus producers would agree, and have found value in AngusSource, a USDA process verified program (PVP) offered through the American Angus Association. The AngusSource PVP is the only industry program to guarantee 50% Angus genetics, source the calves to ranch of origin and verify the enrollment group’s age.

“We stand committed to the AngusSource program and the competitive advantage third-party verification brings to commercial cattle producers,” says Ginette Kurtz, Association director of commercial programs. “It’s another tool we provide to give partners the greatest success rate when using registered Angus bulls.”

After investing in quality genetics, be sure that information is documented and communicated to potential buyers. AngusSource calves must be born on the producer’s farm or ranch, have birth-date records for the oldest calf in the enrollment group, and must be sired by a registered and properly transferred Angus bull.

The enrollment process is a simple one. Interested producers submit a completed enrollment form along with copies of their records. Once the paperwork has been received, the AngusSource team at the American Angus Association conducts an interview and training over the phone, involving basic herd management and genetics.

Cattlemen then have the option to choose a white tamper-evident AngusSource visual, RFID or ChoiceSet ear tag. Tags are manufactured my Destron Fearing, and in about three to five business days are shipped UPS ground service to the farm or ranch. The final step in enrollment is when the AngusSource tag is placed in the calf’s ear.

“Marking is often the most neglected chore on the ranch,” Kurtz says. “Yet getting top dollar for your calves is the ultimate reward for any rancher. Buyers want documented information about genetics and vaccinations. AngusSource supplies that demand.”

Each calf group enrolled in the AngusSource program is issued a marketing document, which outlines detailed information on source, group age, genetics and powerful performance data from the expansive Association database. That document is posted online and emailed to more than 600 buyers nationwide who have expressed interest in Angus genetics.

New to the program, producers can now opt-in to include genomic data in the marketing document by testing their cattle using GeneMaxTM Focus – a DNA evaluation that predicts gain and grade potential. By evaluating a portion of their AngusSource enrollment group with the GeneMax Focus test, cattlemen can show buyers the group’s average for GeneMax gain, marbling and overall score.

When the market is high, marketing black-hided calves may seem simple, but value remains in documented genetic potential and performance. Take advantage of these tools offered through the American Angus Association to identify superior cattle, showcase their carcass merit and deliver that message to a strong audience of customers interested in AngusSource calves.

Get started today by visiting or contacting the Association office at 816-383-5100.