Bison Month is a great time to make healthy meals that sizzle

Farm Forum

Westminster, Colo. — Buffalo ranchers across the country have been working hard to make sure that American consumers can find plenty of delicious, healthy bison for backyard grilling and restaurant dining during July Bison Month in July.

July Bison Month, celebrated each July, is a time in which American bison producers and marketers promote the delicious taste of bison burgers, steaks and roasts as a summer grilling alternative. According to the National Bison Association, the growing demand for bison meat reflects the desire among many people to enjoy great tasting food that is part of a healthy lifestyle, and a healthy environment.

“There’s no doubt that people are embracing the great taste, the great nutrition, and the sustainable story of bison,” said Dave Carter, executive director of the National Bison Association. There’s nothing more all-American than a bison burger, or a bison steak on the summertime grill.”

Carter noted that the growing popularity of bison reflects the commitment of North American ranchers to the quality of the meat, and the care of the animals.

“Bison ranchers learned early on that Mother Nature did a great job perfecting these animals for our part of the world. Now, the public has discovered that steaks, burgers, ribs and roasts from 100 percent North American bison are delicious and nutritious.”

“If people want to enjoy bison meat this July, the can download the free BisonFinder App for smartphones and tablets, and they can find plenty of recipes on the NBA website at”, Carter said.

Carter noted that bison meat is becoming increasingly easy to find in retail stores and on restaurant menus. Most natural food stores, and many conventional supermarkets, now stock a selection of bison meat. Farmers’ markets across the country are also popular outlets for locally-grown bison meat, and the NBA’s website,, has a Where to Buy Bison tool that allows customers locate sources both locally and online.