New Whole-Farm Revenue Protection will cover diverse operations

Farm Forum

The US Department of Agriculture has announced a new revenue insurance product for diversified farming operations, Whole-Farm Revenue Protection. The 2014 Farm Bill contained the provision. The Federal Crop Insurance Corporation Board of Directors recently granted approval.

We worked with the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition and many other organizations, as well as farmers like Jim Knopik from Fullerton, Nebraska, to make the new program a reality.

Complete product details won’t be released until later this summer. But we know it will be available for the 2015 crop year for all states and counties where the Adjusted Gross Revenue (AGR) and Adjusted Gross Revenue – Lite (AGR LITE) are currently offered.

Six additional counties in California (Butte, Yolo, Yuba, Santa Barbara, Sonoma, and Mendocino) will be eligible. So will the remainder of counties in Michigan, New York, and Pennsylvania. All of Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Ohio will follow.

Whole-Farm Revenue Protection will allow farmers to insure the value of all their crops, including integrated crop and livestock operations, rather than just crop-by-crop. This has been one of the barriers for diversified farms who implement resource-conserving crop rotations and specialty crops and for organic farmers and ranchers.

The program will offer higher levels of coverage and a premium discount for farmers with greater crop diversification. For farmers who direct market, the costs associated with getting the product to market – washing, trimming, and packaging – will be covered.