Seedstock Producer of the Year

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Schuler Red Angus of Bridgeport, Neb., was named the 2014 Seedstock Producer of the Year at the 46th annual Beef Improvement Federation (BIF) Research Symposium and Convention held June 18-21, in Lincoln, Neb.

Located in the panhandle of western Nebraska, Schuler Red Angus was founded in 1959 by Darrell and Mary Lou Schuler. In 1976, they started a registered Red Angus herd to develop genetics for the ranch’s commercial herd and provide seedstock for neighboring ranches.

Larry Keenan, director of breed improvement for the Red Angus Association of America (RAAA), said, “An advocate of science and performance data collection, the Schulers have a well-known history of implementing BIF-approved tools in an effort to increase the profitability of their customers.”

Schuler Red Angus began performance testing cattle 36 years ago and implemented Total Herd Reporting (THR) 19 years before it was mandated by the RAAA in 1995.

The seedstock Red Angus herd expanded and a Red Angus composite herd was developed in 1992 to allow Schuler customers the opportunity to utilize heteroisis and breed complementarity via a simple crossbreeding system.

With years of crossbreeding and breed improvement through artificial insemination, utilization of EPDs, and a complete performance-testing program, today over 25 percent of the Red Angus breed’s high-accuracy carcass sires have been proven by Schuler Red Angus.

“Our family is humbled to receive the Seedstock Producer of the Year Award from an organization that brings together cattle producers, researchers, educators and industry to improve beef’s profitability and sustainability among all levels of the industry,” said Butch Schuler, Schuler Red Angus. “We are deeply honored to receive this award and extend our sincerest thank you to all that contributed to and supported the nomination of Schuler Red Angus.”

Today, Butch and Susan Schuler run the family operation with their children Stephanie and David. The operation comprises 17,000 acres with roughly 1,000 head of spring-calving females and 150 Red Angus and Schuler Red Composite bulls at their annual production sale.

The Schuler family is also very involved in the beef industry and their community. Butch serves as chairman of the RAAA Strategic Planning Committee and serves on the Multi-Breed Genetic Evaluation Committee. Darrell is a past president and board member of the RAAA, and the Schulers have hosted several university interns.

The Nebraska Cattlemen’s Association and the RAAA nominated the Schuler family for Seedstock Producer of the Year. For more information visit