Kay Dee launches New Goat-etts Granular Mineral

Farm Forum

N. Sioux City, S.D. – Kay Dee Feed Company, a manufacturer of livestock mineral and protein supplements, has launched Kay Dee Goat-etts Granular Mineral for goats. Kay Dee manufactures the best-selling granular weatherized mineral in the industry, Super Ranger Kaydets. The newest addition to the Kaydets granular mineral line, Super Ranger Goat-etts, are highly palatable, weather resistant, and supply herds with the total daily requirements of essential vitamins and minerals.

“We’re excited to be adding Goat-etts Granular Mineral to our product line,” said Bill Gates, Director of Sales. “Kay Dee strives to improve every producer’s bottom line. With goat production on the rise, we’re offering a granular mineral as a nutritional solution to help fill the void in the marketplace.”

Goat production has become a booming industry. The continued growth throughout all sectors of the industry has created an increased demand for goat meat, cheese, milk, and other products. As a result, goat production offers an excellent opportunity for established producers and newcomers to the industry to succeed.

Dr. Jason Sewell, Kay Dee nutritionist said, “Kay Dee Goat-etts are weatherized to not blow away and the granular form resists caking. The product delivers the ideal balance of vitamins and minerals goats require. There aren’t many granular minerals out there for producers to choose from. We’re excited to be offering Kay Dee Goat-etts as a solution. Using a complete mineral package with true chelates will improve herd productivity.”

The Kay Dee Goat-etts Granular Mineral product is available through the Kay Dee dealer network. To find a dealer near you, call 800-831-4815 or visit www.kaydeefeed.com.