Potter Co. 4-H Shooting Sports Club 2014 season results

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The Potter Co. 4-H Shooting Sports Club started their 2014 season with first practice on Feb. 9th with 29 members, 16 members participated in the BB-Gun Program and 24 participated in the archery program. During the season members participated in 2 different postal matches and qualifiers went on to the State Match held in Ft. Pierre South Dakota, Apr. 25th -27th. The season ended in June with the close of Match 3. Members of the club are – Beginners – Braxton Beringer, Judd Brooks, Reagan Brown, Joseph Dutenhoeffer, Tanner Eide, Shelby Figgins, Megan Hermann, Kirstie Lake, Abbie Larson, Ashton Larson, Neva Mikkelsen, Olivia Mikkelsen, Jaidn Wager, Garrett Zeigler. Juniors – Cody Brooks, Hunter Eide, Skye Figgins, Brady Keller, Emilie Larson, Cody Simon. Seniors – Carl Cronin, Samantha Kilian, Shelby Kilian, Delanie Larson, Alex Martinez, Kara Shoup, Jessica Siedschlag, Megan Simon, Nathanael Tanner.

Results for the Postal match 1, 2, 3 and State are as follows:

Postal Match 1 – CWS – Kara Shoup – 1st place Senior. CWS-JR. Team 2nd place, Hunter Eide, Skye Figgins, Cody Simon.

Postal Match 2 –CWS – Kara Shoup 1st place Senior. CWS JR. Team 2nd place, Hunter Eide, Brady Keller, Cody Simon.

State 4-H Shooting Sports Match results:

We had 24 members qualify for the State Match in April. Results are as follows: Kara Shoup, 3rd place Individual trophy, CWS-Senior. CWS – Blue Ribbon, Joseph Dutenhoeffer, Hunter Eide, Shelby Figgins, Skye Figgins, Brady Keller, Kara Shoup, Cody Simon . White, Jessica Siedschlag. CWS-R – Blue Ribbon, Shelby Kilian. Red Ribbon, Samantha Kilian, Nathanael Tanner. White Ribbon, Delanie Larson. CWOS – Blue Ribbon, Abbie Larson. Red Ribbon, Judd Brooks, Hunter Eide, Tanner Eide, Kirstie Lake, Emilie Larson. White Ribbon, Neva Mikkelsen, Olivia Mikkelsen. RWOS, Blue Ribbon, Abbie Larson. CWS 2nd place- Junior Team, Hunter Eide, Skye Figgins, Brady Keller, Cody Simon. CWOS Beg. Team- Red Ribbon,Kirstie Lake, Abbie Larson, Olivia Mikkelsen, White Ribbon, Judd Brooks, Tanner Eide, Neva Mikkelsen. BB-Gun – Purple Ribbon, Abbie Larson . Blue Ribbon, Judd Brooks, Joseph Dutenhoeffer, Hunter Eide, Megan Hermann, Jaidn Wager. Red Ribbon, Reagan Brown, Delanie Larson, Emilie Larson, Alex Martinez, Cody Simon. White Ribbon, Ashton Larson.

Postal Match 3 – CWS – Cody Simon 2nd place Junior, Brady Keller 3rd place Junior, Kara Shoup 1st place Senior. CWS JR. Team 1st. place, Hunter Eide, Brady Keller, Cody Simon.

The club held their annual fun night on May 4. We enjoyed a potluck supper with pork loins donated by Pillen Family Farms and DNA Genetics. After supper we handed out Club Awards and participation certificates and pins to the members along with the Postal Match 1 and 2, and State Awards and ribbons earned by the members. Club Awards are as follows: 2014 Rookie Award for Archery, Neva Mikkelsen, 2014 Rookie Award for BB-Gun, Reagan Brown. Most Improved Archery -Tie- Nathanael Tanner and Delanie Larson. Most Improved BB-Gun, Emilie Larson. After awards presentation, members treated parents and siblings to a fun evening of archery and BB-Gun.

We had a great season this year and are very proud of the members for their practice and dedication to the program!