Nutra-Flo announces PureGrade performance tour dates

Farm Forum

N. SIOUX CITY, S.D. – PureGrade Liquid Fertilizer, a division of Nutra-Flo Company, is engaging in a grass roots approach to provide agronomic research to growers this summer.

The manufacturer of North America’s best selling starter fertilizers and micronutrients is hosting seven farm tours designed to showcase proven strategies for nutrient management and plant stewardship. The events are located throughout the Midwest and will focus on providing up-to-date agronomy information to area farmers.

“Our goal is to offer a research-based presentation on the power of liquid starter and best management practices,” said Jason Glover, Nutra-Flo marketing director. “Growers will leave with information on the latest developments in fertilization research specific to their local growing conditions.”

The PureGrade performance tours are occurring throughout July, August and September on farms in Nebraska, Iowa, South Dakota, Minnesota and Michigan. The events will include:

• A root pit demonstration where growers can see how a solid fertilization program and proper management practices affect plant development below the soil

• Information on nutrient stewardship and the benefits of implementing the 4R nutrient management practices: right rate, right source, right place, right time

• Presentation by Monsanto BioAg on the LCO promoter technology behind PureGradeT, a starter fertilizer that enhances young seedling root development and nutritional capabilities

• Presentation by Kelli Barnett, Nutra-Flo agronomist, on the benefits of implementing proven fertilization techniques

• Information on new PureGrade products available to growers

• Question and answer session with local agricultural specialists

• Drawing for a John Deere electric grease gun

The PureGrade performance tours are no-cost events open to the public. For more information on the tour closest to you, visit or call 800-831-4815.