Spink County team wins 2nd in national shooting competition

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Spink County Shooting Sports team traveled to Rogers, Arkansas July 1st-7th for the National Daisy BB Gun Championship match where they placed 2nd. The Spink shooting team left by bus, stopping for a couple fun events along the way including go-karts in Omaha and an amusement park near Branson, Missouri. After arriving in Rogers, they practiced for two days before the competition began on Saturday. The first day of competition included two positions; prone and standing. At the end of these two events, the Spink County team was in 1st place! Each team then took a fifty question test that afternoon. This test covers the Ten Lesson Curriculum from Daisy and the NRA rulebook. After completion of the test, the Spink team slipped to 2nd. Sunday’s completion consisted of the other two positions; sitting and kneeling. Spink County easily held onto 2nd place, losing by only 12 points.

To compete at National Daisy BB Gun, a shooter cannot have reached his or her 16th birthday. The team competes all spring in the 12 and up age division. They must qualify by winning one of the three top team positions at an NRA sanctioned match. A team member may not compete at Nationals two consecutive years.

The Spink County Shooting Sports team members practiced once a week through May until schools were out of session, and then three days a week in June. Each practice consisted of shooting all four positions and completing at least one test. They were also required to shoot four targets at home on non-practice days. These targets had to be turned into their coach at the following practice.

Team members of the Spink County Shooting Sports include; Jaidyn Kramp of Brentford, Spencer Lewis of Doland, Hannah Owens of Redfield, Tomlyn Toy of Conde and Sadie Vander Wal of Brentford. Alternates were Chloey Hansen and Skyann Stroud, both of Redfield. Head coaches are Dane Lambert and Jim Hansen along with Ron Fink, who coaches granddaughter Jaidyn, Keith Hansen who coaches daughter Chloey, and Max Stroud who coaches daughter Skyann.

Jaidyn Kramp won Prone position with a score of 99 and 8 center fires. She received 2nd overall individually with a score of 479 and 20 center fires. Her other position scores; standing 94-2, sitting 93-5, kneeling 95-5 and test 98.

Hannah Owens received 9th overall with scores of; 476-17 total, prone 98-8, standing 95-5, sitting 92-1, kneeling 93-3 and test 98.

Sadie Vander Wal won 18th overall with scores of; 473-17 total, prone 96-5, standing 90-4, sitting 94-5, kneeling 95-3 and test 98.

Spencer Lewis was 20th overall with scores of; 472-18 total, prone 95-5, standing 87-1, sitting 96-7, kneeling 96-5 and test 98.

Tomlyn Toy was 59th overall with scores of; 463-9 total, prone 97-5, standing 92-2, sitting 94-1, kneeling 92-1 and test 88.

There were a total of 338 competitors and 51 teams.

Alternates compete in their own match. Chloey Hansen won 3rd in prone with a score of 98-7 and being 6th overall. Her other scores were; standing 86-2, sitting 95-4, kneeling 89-1 and test 98. Her total was 466-14.

Skyann Stroud received 13th overall with scores of; prone 98-7, standing 86-2, sitting 95-4, kneeling 91-1 and test 92 for a total of 462-14.

There were a total of 84 alternates competing in the match.

Three teams from South Dakota attended including Pierre Junior Shooters and Humboldt Sharpshooters. The Pierre team won Nationals with a score of 2375 and 73 center fires. Spink County received 2nd with a score of 2363 and 81 center fires. Humboldt team finished 6th with a score of 2321 and 73 center fires. Congratulations to these outstanding South Dakota teams finishing in the top ten at the National Daisy BB Gun Championship!