2014 Day County 4-H Dog Show results

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Day County 4-H Dog Show was held July 15, 2014 at the Day County Fairgrounds. 19 4-H members competed in the contest. Susan Busk, Milbank and Mary Bohn, Twin Brooks were judges.

Obedience Classes

Cloverbud Basic A: Gage Wik with Bullseye, personal best.

Beginner Basic A: Simon Pies with Suzie, purple; Ava Breske with Jack, white; Olivia Dorsett with Ginger, red.

Beginner Basic B: Brianna Duerre with Chessa, red; Rana Hegg with Lila, blue; Emily Breske with Moxie, blue.

Junior Basic B: Kayla Fischer with Sadie, purple; Connor Fischer with Gunner, purple; Savanna Bloom with Sara, red; Olivia Breske with Zoey, red; Teagan Miller with Brandi, purple.

Senior Basic B: Jennifer Schlotte with Ralph, blue; Jared Storms with Nadja, purple; Allison Duerre with Chessa, white.

Senior Pre-Novice: Jared Storms with Kayla, purple.

Showmanship Classes

Cloverbud: Ella Hegg with Huck, personal best; Gage Wik with Bullseye, personal best.

Beginner: Simon Pies with Suzie, Grand Champion; Olivia Dorsett with Ginger, Reserve Champion; Ava Breske with Jack, purple; Brianna Duerre with Chessa, purple; Rana Hegg with Lila, purple; Emily Breske with Moxie, purple.

Junior: Brian Mork with Sasha, Grand Champion; Connor Fischer with Gunner, Reserve Champion; Kayla Fischer with Sadie, purple; Teagan Miller with Brandi, purple; Olivia Breske with Zoey, blue.

Senior: Karlee Chapin with Mack, Grand Champion; Jared Storms with Kayla, Reserve Champion; Jennifer Schlotte with Tucker, blue; Allison Duerre with Chessa, blue.