McPherson County Consumer Judging School results

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The McPherson County 4-H Consumer Judging School, held on June 27 at the Leola Municipal building, was attended by a couple of 4-Hers. During this school, the kids judge different items and put them in a 1-4 order from best option to worst. They then receive points for their answers, 50 being the highest amount they can receive. There was a total of 10 classes to be judged, with a total of 500 points to be earned. All of the kids did a great job. Scores are as followed: Robin Butler- 388, Katelynn Westphal-445, Lacey Westphal-445, Jayna Sanborn-374, Parker Gill-445, and Kylee Sanborn-428. The girls are all eligible to go on and compete at the state level in Huron during the S.D. State Fair.