Illinois company showcases Electro-Hydraulic Fertilizer Coulter

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Farmers are always seeking innovations in planting. I talked with Jeff Svendson with Dawn Equipment Company at the Oahe Farm and Ranch show about the device that caught the attention of people as they walked past the Dawn display.

Dawn has an allied partnership with John Deere. They are a wholesaler and provide the equipment to dealerships. They are a family owned company in Sycamore, Ill., that has developed a reputation for responsive customer service and American-made quality products.

On display was the Electro-Hydraulic Fertilizer Coulter. The company says the Cfx is the most advanced fertilizer applicator available. It is equipped with hydraulic down force for simple, rapid in-cab adjustments.

Svendson said there is a constant pressure so that the product always goes in the same spot. The lead coulter makes a cut and keeps a nice furrow going through the soil.

The device goes from sectional control to complete individual row control. And it all is controlled from an iPad within the cab. It helps with instantaneous response. “If you hit a hard patch, there will be an immediate adjustment unlike an airbag that would need time to inflate,” said Svendson.

Manufactured and assembled in the USA, the Cfx opener is made up of premium quality drop-forged and cast components.

The company’s website indicates the Cfx is narrow enough to fit on most modern row crop planters. It will even fit on many narrow planters like the 1770NT. The gauge wheel of the Cfx features a 2° angle at the bottom, preventing mud build-up inside the gauge wheel by hugging the leading edge of the blade, while still allowing material to spill out rearward.

The Cfx is equipped with the Rfx Hydraulic down force actuator, and is able to apply up to 400 lbs. of down force. This allows the Cfx to maintain a consistent depth of up to 4.5 inches.

Although the Cfx employs some intricate mechanisms, it is actually quite easy to use, Svendson said.

There is a spectrum of control options for the Cfx ranging from very straight-forward in-cab manual control options, to control with your mobile device, to fully automated, and integrated controls that interface with a range of additional hydraulic tools for your planter, such as the Gfx row cleaner, or the Rfx down force system.

Dawn has redefined several market segments like strip-till and active hydraulic control of planter and attachments. Dawn was the first company to make a remotely controllable planting product, according to their website. The company offers a number of other specialties as attachments for planters such as trash wheels. Some are screw adjust, some are hydraulic units.