Edmunds County 4-H Judging Teams

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4-H Members have the opportunity to participate in several judging contests or skill-a-thons at the state fair. They include sheep, swine, beef, rabbit, goat, dog, horticulture, and consumer decision making. Judging classes consist of similar items which must be placed in order from the best to worst based on given criteria. Some classes include the giving of reasons why the placed the items in that order. These reasons may be oral to defend their placings or written which build memory skills to remember the details of the class.

County 4-H Judging Schools have been held throughout the summer. Edmunds county teams that have been selected to compete at the S.D. State Fair in Huron are:

Consumer Decision Making

Beginner: Brady Beitelspacher, Bryce Beitelspacher.

Junior: Payton Eisenbeisz, Bridget Fuhrmann, Tessa Kilber, Myra Toennies.

Senior: Heather Fuhrmann, Haylee Kilber, Hannah Toennies.


Junior: Payton Eisenbeisz, Tessa Kilber, Lexi Stafford, Avery Sylte, Myra Toennies.

Senior: Hannah Toennies.