Geringhoff to participate in POET-DSM Project Liberty trials

Farm Forum

ST. CLOUD, Minn. — Geringhoff will participate in POET-DSM’s Project Liberty trials, starting with an open house and tours at POET’s facilities in Emmetsburg, Iowa, on September 3.

Geringhoff and POET are teaming up for a second round of trials with the Geringhoff Horizon Elite XL Stover Collection (SC) corn head—a corn head capable of simultaneously harvesting corn, while windrowing stover, in a single pass. This exceptionally clean windrow is then baled for feed, bedding or in POET’s case, used for ethanol production.

Because Geringhoff’s Horizon SC delivers single-pass windrowing capabilities and clean stover, it provides the critical first step in delivering low ash, high yield cellulosic material for refinement into transportation grade ethanol.

Project Liberty trials will allow POET to test the Geringhoff SC in variable field conditions. POET plans on using the SC to generate over 500 tons of corn cobs, leaves, husks and stalks in this trial.

With approximately 20 million gallons of usable ethanol produced by POET annually (from nearly 270,000 tons of biomass) they understand the benefits that the Stover SC could bring to their business. Efficient ethanol refinement relies on the performance of a reliable biomass collection system that can be easily adopted by POET’s farmers/producers—a system like the Horizon SC.