Bales Continental Commission Company gets new owners, new name

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Bales Continental Commission Company will become Huron Continental Marketing Company (HCM). The last sale day for the Bales family was August 28th. New owners Kim Ulmer, Don Schiefelbein & Mark Preston will begin Tuesday, Sept. 9.

Nationwide marketing is planned by the new owners. The primary reason they purchased HCM was to help give them a better format to market across the nation. Each of them already markets and purchases in many states, and now they have come together as a unit. With the help of the auction block and various media formats, HCM will be able to help the owners in their ranch direct marketing, auction contracting format and auction marketing. They will be using several different marketing methods to market all classes of livestock cattle, sheep, hogs, horses and machinery, as well as many other items related to the industry. Eric Ulmer is the technical supervisor and founder of Livestock R-Us along with Depot Music productions. Eric is an expert in sound, video and livestream productions. He will help HCM livestream and market through various media formats like

Tuesday will be the primary sale days for cows and feeder cattle. The first sale will be Tuesday, Sept. 9, with an open heifer yearling and feeder cattle special. There will be special cow sales on Thursdays and bull sales as advertised. HCM plans to work with Allen and Kent Bales, Jim Anderson, Bob Pietz and many of the same staff that was there before. HCM will be adding a drive-through trailer chute, new chutes, and many more changes to the yards.

Dakota Cup Auctioneering Contest and Auctioneering: Allen Bales and Kim Ulmer will be primary auctioneers along with Jim Anderson and Bob Pietz. The Dakota cup will be an auctioneer contest hosted by the new owners each year that will bring buyers, cattle and talented auctioneers to HCM. They will use many of the sales leading up to the event as qualifying sales, allowing different auctioneers to auction at times to help them qualify for the finals of the Dakota Cup. Eric Ulmer, as Depot Music Productions, will be doing media productions for the event, and the goal will be to format it for television.

Kim and Jackie have been married since 1982 and have six children. They have been in the livestock industry since 1982 working at McLaughlin Livestock, Britton Livestock and Mobridge Livestock as an auctioneer, owner or employee of the Ulmer family owned markets. They started Ulmer Cattle Company a livestock order buying service in 1988 and plan to continue as Ulmer Cattle Company along with managing Huron Continental. Their son Eric is the founder of Livestock-R-US and has helped many livestock markets livestream and promote their markets on the web. He will be helping HCM go to the next level through various media formats.

Schiefelbein Angus farms was founded by Frank and Frosty Schiefelbein and has been raising Registered Black Angus bulls for over 50 years. They have nine sons and they are all involved in the family business and are well respected in the livestock industry. Don Schiefelbein is their representative at Huron continental. Don has been marketing and feeding thousands of cattle with his family and travels all over giving talks on livestock marketing and operation management. Tim has worked for JBS Swift as head cattle buyer and now works for American Foods Co. He also helps with the family operation. He also helps place thousands of calves through their feeder cattle buy back and feeding operation.

Mark and Cathy Preston are from Armstrong, Iowa, and are farmers with a cattle feeding operation. Mark has fed thousands of cattle in various different feed lot locations. He gets cattle from many different areas of the USA. He understands the value added NHTC, All Natural, programs and regular commodity cattle programs. He has great knowledge on feeding and marketing of cattle. Mark has many contacts in the industry and will be a great asset to you when marketing at HCM.

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