What your dry fertilizer doesn’t want you to know

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FRISCO, Texas — Agricen, a Loveland Products Company delivering biochemical-based solutions for efficient and sustainable plant nutrition, recently announced that the company will host a new webinar for growers, “What Your Dry Fertilizer Doesn’t Want You to Know,” with sessions being held on Wednesday, Sept. 17, and Wednesday, Sept. 24. Participants will first hear from guest speaker Dr. Fred Below of the University of Illinois, who will review crop nutrient requirements and ways that growers can meet those needs. His presentation will be followed by a discussion of biochemical technology that can be used to increase nutrient use efficiency and return on investment (ROI) for growers who are applying dry fertilizers this fall.

“In light of the lower crop prices stemming from a record harvest, growers need a great return on their dry fertilizer investments. They are definitely seeking ways to maximize their input efficiency and reduce costs,” said Michael Totora, President and CEO of Agricen. “Biochemical technology in the form of a product like Titan PBA can help them get the most from their dry fertilizer applications this fall, while also giving them plant nutrition benefits next season. This webinar will demonstrate how this technology can help achieve that, while also giving growers access to Dr. Fred Below and his expertise in crop nutrient needs.”

What: “Maximizing the Efficiency of Your Dry Fertilizer” Webinar

Hosted by: Agricen

When: Wed., Sept. 17 and Wed., Sept. 24 at 6 a.m. and 9 a.m. CT

Where: Register online at http://info.agricen.com/fall-webinar-dry-fertilizer


• Fred E. Below, PhD, Professor of Crop Physiology in the Department of Crop Sciences at the University of Illinois

• Brian Cornelious, PhD, Director of Applied Sciences, Agricen

Who Should Attend: Growers, crop consultants, agronomists and others interested in agricultural production and plant nutrition

The webinar will prepare growers to make a fall dry fertilizer application that maximizes nutrient use efficiency and ensures higher first-year recovery of phosphorous (P) and potassium (K) through the use of Titan PBA. Titan PBA, a biochemical fertilizer catalyst formulated for impregnation on dry blends, increases nutrient availability and improves root growth to facilitate nutrient uptake. Manufactured by Agricen, Titan PBA is available exclusively from Loveland Products/Crop Production Services.