Study reveals cattle producers’ most important vaccine concerns

Farm Forum

FLORHAM PARK, N.J. — The Zoetis reproductive vaccine portfolio helps deliver what matters most to beef producers and veterinarians, including: infectious bovine rhinotracheitis (IBR) abortion prevention, demonstrated duration of immunity and safety, along with fetal protection. The new nationwide study investigates each of the most widely considered attributes when selecting a reproductive vaccine.

Of the surveyed producers and veterinarians, 100% ranked IBR abortion protection, demonstrated safety and duration of immunity important considerations when selecting a vaccine, and 99% answered the same for fetal protection against bovine viral diarrhea (BVD) persistent infection (PI). The comprehensive reproductive vaccine portfolio from Zoetis, including BOVI-SHIELD GOLD FP, CATTLEMASTER GOLD FP and PREGGUARD GOLD FP, helps producers address these challenges.

“Only select reproductive vaccines offer demonstrated performance and flexibility to address varied herd management practices,” said Daniel Scruggs, DVM, Dipl. ACVP, Technical Services, Zoetis. “Operations don’t need to change to fit the Zoetis reproductive vaccine line; this line of vaccines works for producers in all different management situations.”

Safety, one of the top-ranked concerns of both veterinarians and producers, also is a top priority of Zoetis. To help ensure proper use of reproductive vaccines, it is a shared responsibility among veterinarians, producers and the Technical Services team from Zoetis to make sure everyone involved understands labels and administers products correctly.

“It’s everyone’s responsibility to ensure labels are understood and followed exactly,” Dr. Scruggs explained. “It’s the responsibility of the veterinarian to understand the label and how it fits into a producer’s production setup. It’s the producer’s responsibility to make sure they understand the label as well and to seek their veterinarian for clarification if they have questions. The Technical Services team also can help address customer questions.”

Of those survey participants, 94% consider a recommendation by their veterinarian important when making their vaccine selection. Veterinarians not only can help producers select the right vaccine for their operation but also can help producers improve management issues that can undermine reproductive vaccine effectiveness before a complete program can be implemented.

“If a producer is experiencing pregnancy losses, dozens of factors must be considered,” Dr. Scruggs said. “The veterinarian is indispensable for helping producers address underlying, preventable management problems to help realize the full benefits of a reproductive vaccine program. A veterinarian also can help decide which vaccine program is most appropriate for each producer based on the herd management philosophy and unique challenges specific to the operation.”

Visit to learn more about the impact of reproductive disease, the importance of fetal protection against IBR abortions and BVD PIs, and how to select a reproductive vaccine. The website also features educational videos. Ask your veterinarian about incorporating BOVI-SHIELD GOLD FP, CATTLEMASTER GOLD FP or PREGGUARD GOLD FP into your reproductive defense line.