Bio S.I.’s Floor-Mate safely and quickly improves living conditions for livestock

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Justin, TX (September, 2014) – In order to maximize profits from livestock production, large amounts of livestock are often concentrated to small living spaces. This poses many risks to farm sanitation, animal health and overall living conditions. Confining as many animals indoors as possible might maximize efficiency and profits, but it also exposes the animals to high levels of toxins from decomposing manure and can create ideal conditions for diseases to spread ( In honor of National Farm Safety and Health Week, Sept. 21-27, Bio S.I. Technology ( wants to encourage the livestock and ranching communities to take the necessary precautions and steps to maintaining a clean and safe environment for their operations by using new Floor-Mate.

Cleanliness at slaughter minimizes the potential risk to human health, contributes to the production of safe meat, improves the shelf life of the meat, and consumer confidence ( Bio S.I.’s Floor-Mate allows farmers to keep their livestock clean from the manure and materials in their housing and protects livestock’s health from the dangerous toxins spurred as a result to ensure maximum production all year-round. To combat the odors from byproducts of animals like feces and clean their mess from tracking in dirt and other solids, Bio S.I. uses non-manure, naturally occurring soil inoculants. Garnering the power of nature with beneficial microbes, Bio S.I.’s Floor-Mate safely and quickly improves conditions in areas where livestock is held. Microbes naturally break down the proteins, salts, and other materials found in urine and fecal matter, which can cause musty, unpleasant odors (ammonia).

In addition to keeping livestock production up, Bio S.I.’s Floor-Mate allows you to keep your costs and labor demands down. Floor-Mate can be sprayed as a diluted solution or rinse with water after, depending on the application needs, for a clean area. Bio S.I. varies in sizes of products, for any livestock. Floor-Mate is applicable to all types of livestock areas such as poultry houses, horse stalls, dairy barns, hog barns, and anywhere livestock is held. One quart of Bio S.I. Floor-Mate will cover up to 1,000 square feet, allowing you to save money on less concentrated solution or additional supplies and save time demanded from alternative cleaning methods.

Celebrated since 1944 after Roosevelt signed the first farm safety proclamation, the importance of agriculture maintenance is reminded each year with this weekly holiday. Bio S.I. Technology Founder Wayne Tucker understands the importance of agriculture for personal profit and the economy as a whole. “In the day of large scale farming to meet population and consumer demands, taking the necessary precautions to ensure the safety of yourself and your livestock is crucial to production”. Use Bio S.I.’s Floor-Mate to ensure the livestock housing will be aligned with the meaning of this holiday.