2014 Great Pumpkin Weigh In set for Oct. 4

Farm Forum

Harrisburg, S.D. — “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!” Well, this time, Linus is right! Join us Saturday morning, Oct. 4, at the Harrisburg Country Apple Orchard as growers converge from the area to show off and have their giant pumpkins officially weighed at the 2014 Great Pumpkin Weigh In. The pumpkins will only be present on Saturday from about 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. – so come out early and get your picture taken with these extraordinary garden beauties.

You, too, can join in the fun as the weigh in is open to the public. To be officially weighed in and recorded, all you have to do is show up Saturday morning with your giant vegetables. There will be nearly $2,500 in cash prizes, awards, plaques and ribbons given out for the heaviest giant pumpkin, prettiest pumpkin, heaviest field pumpkin, largest squash, heaviest watermelon, and largest tomato. If you have some giant beauties out there hidden in your garden, join us. If you have any questions about entries, please call George (371-3536) or Cass (743-5270).

Growing giant vegetables is infectious, and there is a club that supports and keeps tracks of giants from all over the world (http://bit.ly/XQvGe1). It is a ton of work to nurture these monsters from the day the seed sprouts until the weigh in dates. Growers must work daily to control vine growth and protect each prospect as they grow and develop on the vine. But when you look out in your garden and see that golden glow of pumpkin perfection, it is worth the effort. There is much excitement on weigh in day, as giant pumpkins are measured and predictions are made long before the actual scale determines the which guesses were correct. It is pretty exciting when the ton of work results in a ton of pumpkin!