Record number of FFA jackets awarded by S.D. FFA Foundation

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Bath — To its owner, the FFA jacket is a physical reminder of the personal accomplishments achieved through the organization – a symbol of commitment and dedication for all who wear the corduroy. This fall 233 South Dakota FFA members from 50 chapters, a record number, earned their own FFA jackets through the S.D. FFA Foundation Blue Jackets Bright Futures FFA Jacket Program – carrying forward that long-standing tradition of pride, dignity and honor. Jackets were sponsored by various individuals through the S.D. FFA Foundation program, welcoming new members into the fabric of FFA. FFA members filled out the Blue Jackets Bright Futures FFA Jacket Program application, answering four short essay questions about their FFA experience and goals, competing to earn their own FFA jacket instead of purchasing one. 2014 recipients are:

First Name, Last Name, Chapter

Olivia, Limoges, Alcester-Hudson

Andrew, Schmidt, Baltic

Noah, Scotting, Baltic

Kadin, Wolff, Baltic

MaryEllen, Kennedy, Beresford

Angela, Jensen, Beresford

Tyler, Christensen, Beresford

Sadie, Jensen, Beresford

Seth, Weiland, Beresford

Emilee, Casperson, Beresford

Victoria, Weiland, Beresford

Keaton, Peterson, Beresford

Emily, Lundberg, Beresford

Seth, Holzman, Beresford

Lexi, Stuessi, Beresford

Lathen, Norling, Beresford

Riley, Johnsen, Beresford

Lance, Wolff, Bison

Jacob, Kolb, Bison

Chiristapher, Fisher, Bison

Samantha, Frickson, Bowdle

Heidi, Stiklestad, Bowdle

Miah, Schallenkamp, Bridgewater-Emery

Lindsey, Berg, Bridgewater-Emery

Dustin, Weber, Bridgewater-Emery

Kelsey, Kotas, Bridgewater-Emery

Cassandra, Kerkhove, Bridgewater-Emery

Kennedi, Johnson, Brookings

Calvin, Riffey, Canton

Shayla, White, Canton

Kiara, Sogn, Canton

Braden, Wolfe, Canton

Anastasiya, Sutuga, Canton

Landon, Renli, Canton

Ally, Carpenter, Canton

MaKenzie, Olson, Centerville

Chase, Gust, Centerville

Garret, Olson, Chester

Levi, Curtis, Chester

Lindsey, Kilber, Chester

Josephine, Amdahl, Chester

Nicholas, Randall, Chester

Justin, Sanders, Colman-Egan

Riley, Anderson, Dell Rapids

Sutton, Adams, Dell Rapids

Alex, Nordstrom, Dell Rapids

Lexi, Klein, Dell Rapids

Makayla, DeDeyne, DeSmet

Katelyn, Nuese, Deubrook

Logan, Tschetter, Doland

Levi, Woodring, Doland

Rylie, Rasmussen, Doland

Brittany, Lovelace, Doland

Wade, Busselman, Elkton

Marie, Robbins, Elkton

Tyler, Cain, Flandreau

Kiley, Kraft, Flandreau

Benjamin, Hobbie, Flandreau

Dallas, Steinhauer, Flandreau

Harlie, Gulbraa, Florence

Callie, Mueller, Florence

Chantel, Nelson, Florence

Callie, Flemming, Florence

Chance, Anderson, Garretson

Ryan, Fick, Garretson

Emily, Malsom, Garretson

Matt, Gustafson, Garretson

Macey, Goebel, Gettysburg

Caleb, Mangin, Gettysburg

Kori, Hansen, Gettysburg

Jessica, Siedschlag, Gettysburg

Gage, Weller, Gettysburg

Jerra, Trujillo, Gettysburg

Phillip, Vetter, Gettysburg

Joey, Brown, Gettysburg

Nicholas, Achen, Groton

Sydney, Woodring, Harrisburg

Mason, Stucky, Harrisburg

Isaak, Darbe, Harrisburg

Katelin, Johnson, Harrisburg

Kessler, Decker, Harrisburg

Marianne, Bishop, Harrisburg

Kelsie, Spotanske, Harrisburg

Lauren, Schnetter, Harrisburg

Madison, Corcoran, Harrisburg

Alysen, Voss, Harrisburg

Baylee, Enander, Hitchcock-Tulare

Camryn, Binger, Hitchcock-Tulare

Austin, Schult, Hitchcock-Tulare

Caileb, Wanner, Hitchcock-Tulare

Samantha Jo, Stethem, Hoven

Calie, Kaiser, Hoven

Braden, Keller, Hoven

Ben, Krueger, Hoven

Karley, Litterick, Howard

Tyler, Hoffman, Howard

Evan, Kizer, Howard

Jessica, Burghardt, Howard

Maggie, Connor, Howard

Aidyn, Feldhaus, Howard

Emily, Flynn, Jones County

Katy, Manke, Jones County

Jacob, Lolley, Jones County

Troi, Valburg, Jones County

Kathlene, Boyle, Lyman

Jarred, Hodges, Madison

Oakley, Denne, Madison

Wiatt, Hively, Madison

Elsa, Leighton, Madison

Dylan, McKee, Madison

Ally, Balough, Madison

Kaitlyn, Klosterman, Madison

Max, Tolley, Madison

Kaitlyn, Graff, Madison

Ty, Harmdierks, Madison

Nick, Andresen, Madison

Dillon, Gross, Madison

Brady, Nelson, Madison

Matt, Williams, Madison

Morgan, Briggs, Madison

Mitch, Selgestad, Madison

Hunter, Matthaei, McCook Central

Leslie, Kolbeck, McCook Central

Mercedes, Peterson, McCook Central

Anna, Heinz, McCook Central

Trustyn, Wolf, McCook Central

Matt, Wegener, McCook Central

Morgan, Koepsell, McCook Central

McKenzie, Schmeichel, McCook Central

Rachel, Muth, McCook Central

Nicole, Sabers, McCook Central

Caitlynn, McGregor, McCook Central

Brianna, Schock, McCook Central

Natalie, Gottlob, McCook Central

Austin, Stromberg, McCook Central

Kyle, Winberg, McCook Central

Joey, Eichacker, McCook Central

Alexis, Nagy, McCook Central

Becky, Mayrose, McCook Central

Craig, Schaeffer, Menno

Brandon, Sayler, Menno

Carol, Johnson, Menno

Alysha, Madsen, Milbank

Callie, Bolin, Milbank

Chase , Pinkert, Milbank

Connor, Lightfield, Milbank

Madison, Liebe, Milbank

Magally, Aburto, Milbank

Sophia, Seffrood, Milbank

Tanner, Kettwig, Milbank

Mackayln, Fulton, Miller

Kaili, Wilson, Miller

Morgan, Reber, Miller

Teanna Jo, Pawlowski, Miller

Grant, Plucker, Parker

Logan, Bamsey, Parker

Travis, Leber, Parker

Ben, Marsh, Parker

Taya, Heisinger, Parkston

Tanner, Griebel, Parkston

TJ, Bigge, Parkston

Tiffany, Watembach, Parkston

Nicole, Sommer, Parkston

Katie, Hyke, Parkston

Jadee, Matteis, Parkston

Jessica, Bowar, Parkston

Kyle, Schnabel, Parkston

Kyler, Holzbauer, Parkston

Dillon, Stadlman, Parkston

Brooke, Bigge, Parkston

Lane, Johnson, Platte-Geddes

Tony, Slaba, Platte-Geddes

MaKenzie, Oberbroekling, Platte-Geddes

Peyton, Nelson, Platte-Geddes

Bridger, Johnson, Rapid City

Natascha, Morton, Rapid City

Justin, Bryant, Rapid City

Joshua, Eeles, Rapid City

Anthony, Block, Rapid City

Tucker, Powell, Rutland

Bennet, Trygstad, Rutland

Kayla, Dummann, Sioux Valley

Bethany, Rennich, Sioux Valley

Isabella, Haro, Sioux Valley

Talisa, Smith, Stanley County

Bridger, Gordon, Sturgis

Evan, Lopez, Sunshine Bible Academy

Samantha, Rogers, Sunshine Bible Academy

Heather, Deal, Sunshine Bible Academy

Nikole, Krump, Tri-Valley

Jacob, Hotchkiss, Tri-Valley

Logan, Zeisler, Tri-Valley

Carter, Carruthers, Tri-Valley

Carter, Warne, Tri-Valley

Sykyler, Kludt, Viborg-Hurley

Tucker, Nicke, Viborg-Hurley

Savannah, Westrom, Viborg-Hurley

Lani, Klein, Viborg-Hurley

Brittney, Nelson, Viborg-Hurley

Tate, Eisenbraun, Wall

Trista, Reinert, Wall

Kyla, Sawvell, Wall

Emilee, Pauley, Wall

Emma, Michael, Wall

Jeremy, Korth, Watertown

Austin, Tesch, Watertown

Shae, Sichmeller, Webster

Sandra, Vehe, Webster

Kaelyn, Somsen, Webster

Kayla, Fischer, Webster

Cheyanne, Deibert, Webster

Tiffany, Rausch, West Central

Taylor, Rajewich, West Central

Olivia, Becker, West Central

Jill, Even, West Central

Keith, Vockrodt, West Central

Carter, Ulrich, West Central

Cory, Smith, West Central

Alex, Klein, West Central

Ashley, Hohn, West Central

Austin, Ideker, West Central

Ashlynn, Burke, Willow Lake

Reed, Tonak , Willow Lake

Riley, Schmidt, Willow Lake

Lucas, Quam, Wolsey/Wessington

Caitali, Reyes, Wolsey/Wessington

Cory, Eggleston, Wolsey/Wessington

Cooper, Haeder, Wolsey/Wessington

Tyler, Babcock, Wolsey/Wessington

Nathan, Linke, Woonsocket/Sanborn Central

Sarah, Morgan, Woonsocket/Sanborn Central

Callie, Bezpaletz, Woonsocket/Sanborn Central

Catherine, Bechen, Woonsocket/Sanborn Central

“Whether it’s getting your jacket for the first time, seeing a mob of 50,000 blue jackets wandering the streets at National Convention, or proudly hanging your jacket in the closet after an event, each FFA jacket tells a story. Thank you to all the sponsors who have helped members get their stories started this year,” said FFA member Ashley Tonak.

When students join the FFA, they typically purchase or borrow jackets to compete in the many Career Development Events offered through FFA. The jacket is their team “uniform” to be worn at all official FFA events. The blue corduroy FFA jacket has been the status symbol of the national FFA organization since 1933, when delegates to the national convention voted to make the jacket part of the organization’s official attire, thus creating the long standing tradition.

Individuals and businesses interested in sponsoring an FFA jacket for a S.D. FFA member should contact Gerri Ann Eide, S.D. FFA Foundation Executive Director at 605-765-4865 or Sponsorships are $65 per jacket.

The S.D. FFA Foundation is proud to support Agricultural Education and the FFA’s mission to make a difference in the lives of students by developing their potential for premier leadership, personal growth and career success through agricultural education. For more information about the South Dakota FFA Foundation and South Dakota’s FFA programs, visit or like us on Facebook.