Syngenta announces 52 new corn hybrids for 2015 planting season

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MINNETONKA, Minn. – Building off of a year in which Syngenta corn hybrids out-yielded major competitors on farms across the country, the company has announced 52 new Golden Harvest and NK corn hybrids for the 2015 growing season in the U.S.

The hybrids are the result of new combinations, a broader genetic pool and an innovative digital breeding process that has allowed Syngenta genetics to achieve the fastest rate of genetic gain over the past seven years. The 2015 class incorporates many new sets of genetics that offer a range of maturities and include hybrids with key agronomic characteristics such as standability, disease tolerance and adaptability to many different soil types – offering an expanding series of options for all corn-growing areas.

“Growers seek consistency, top performance and high yields, all of which this new class of corn hybrids from Syngenta is designed to provide,” said Eric Boersma, head of corn seed product management at Syngenta. “It is the next step in adding to an already successful portfolio that collectively out-yielded major competitors in a majority of nearly 15,000 national yield comparisons in 20131.”

The 2015 class includes new-to-market genetics, as well as proven traits and technologies that offer protection against a range of yield-robbing pests and crop stresses.

• Thirteen hybrids feature Agrisure Artesian genetics – with scientifically selected genes that provide multiple modes of action for season-long drought protection. Artesian corn hybrids convert water to grain more effectively than other hybrids, maximizing yield when it rains and increasing yield when it doesn’t. Available in combination with best-in-class insect control and herbicide-tolerance traits, Artesian corn hybrids fit almost any production environment and help growers achieve more consistent yields. Artesian corn hybrids are designated by an “A” at the end of the hybrid number.

• The Agrisure Duracade trait is featured in 18 of the new hybrids. Agrisure Duracade is Syngenta’s next-generation corn rootworm trait, offering the latest corn rootworm technology in the industry in two trait stack options for above- and below-ground insect control. Agrisure Duracade technology features the industry’s first hybrid Bt protein and is only available stacked with a second corn rootworm mode of action for technology preservation.

• The Agrisure Viptera trait, incorporated in 23 of the new hybrids, provides unsurpassed control of the multi-pest complex including corn earworm and black cutworm. Trait stacks with Agrisure Viptera also have been shown to protect corn crops against the development of mycotoxins for maximum grain quality.

• The 2015 class also will feature six new Enogen corn hybrids. Enogen corn technology, available only from Syngenta, is the industry’s only corn trait bioengineered specifically to enhance ethanol production. It enables ethanol plants to purchase alpha amylase enzyme in the form of high quality grain directly from local farmers, increase ethanol yield and throughput, and decrease costs associated with natural gas, electricity, water and chemical usage. Enogen corn hybrids are sold by select Syngenta Seed Advisors and NK retailers and available to growers under contract, which requires specific grain segregation and stewardship.

“Thanks to this combination of breakout genetics and breakthrough traits and technologies, the Syngenta portfolio offers something to help all farmers grow more corn in 2015,” Boersma said.

For more information about Syngenta corn hybrids, visit or contact your local Syngenta Seed Advisor for Golden Harvest hybrids or your local retailer for NK corn hybrids.