NDSU releases new soybean variety

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Producers in the soybean specialty market may be interested in ND1406HP, a new variety developed by the North Dakota State University soybean breeding program. ND1406HP is a conventional (non-GMO) soybean that was released this year from the North Dakota Agricultural Experiment Station.

“ND1406HP is intended for the high-protein, tofu or soymilk specialty markets,” says Ted Helms, NDSU soybean breeder. “I am excited about this release because ND1406HP has better yield and quality for these specialty uses than other NDSU varieties. However, it is important for some growers to note that it lacks a major gene for phytophthora root rot resistance.”

ND1406HP has had consistently high protein content. It also is more resistant to lodging than Prosoy and is rated higher than Prosoy in overall tofu quality. Characteristics of ND1406HP include 0.6 maturity, purple flower color, gray pubescence, yellow hila with dull seed coat luster and brown pod color. ND1406HP is tolerant to metribuzin herbicide at the recommended rate of application.

Compared with the conventional NDSU soybean variety Sheyenne, ND1406HP has 3 percent higher protein content, matures three days earlier and yields 6 bushels per acre less. Earlier-maturing varieties can help reduce the risk of yield reduction in a cool year with an early fall freeze.

“ND1406HP will be attractive for people in the food-grade soybean market because of its potential to be an earlier tofu soybean with high yield,” says Tom Teigen, NDSU Agronomy Seed Farm director. “It also has better quality and shorter maturity than Prosoy, the current industry standard specialty soybean.”

Helms credits the North Dakota Soybean Council and North Dakota Agricultural Experiment Station for their continued support of the NDSU soybean breeding program, especially in the development of ND1406HP.

The North Dakota Crop Improvement and Seed Association has a license agreement with the NDSU Research Foundation to produce and distribute ND1406HP seed through Dakota Select Seed. There is a one-time $100 membership fee to join Dakota Select Seed. A variety access fee of $100 per variety per year also is charged.

For more information, contact Gonzalo Rojas, Foundation Seedstocks assistant director, at (701) 231-8168 or