Milbank FFA members to compete at the National FFA Convention

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The Milbank FFA will have FFA members competing and attending the 87th National FFA Convention from October 29-November 1 in several areas of Career Development Events, National FFA Choir and Band, Degree Recipient and as Delegates to the National FFA Convention. The National FFA Convention is held in Louisville, Ky.

In the different Career Development Events, Kiera Leddy will represent South Dakota in the Prepare Public Speaking Event. The Veterinary Science event will have Sharon Folk, Michaela DeWald, Breanna Schmitt and Rebecca Leddy. In the Ag Mechanics and Technology Career Development, Melissa Lenards, Mikayla Brakke, Brock Tillma and Zach Wiese will be participating. In the Meats Technology Event, FFA members representing South Dakota will be Jimmie Berkner, Paige Johnson, Kadon Leddy and Will Mischel.

Jamie Mundwiler, Milbank FFA Chapter President will be participating in the National FFA Choir. Kasey Schmidt and Mikayla Sousa will be participating in the National FFA Band.

Kadon Leddy will also be participating in the AgriScience Fair in the Social Science Area.

Two Milbank FFA members will earn the American FFA Degree, the highest member degree in the National FFA association. Audrey Souza and Brandi Niedert will receive their degree on Saturday at the National FFA Convention.

Three Milbank FFA Chapter members: Trevor Schmidt, Zach Sousa and Caleb Seehafer have been selected as delegates to the National FFA Convention. The members will ride down on the South Dakota FFA bus and be part of the South Dakota Delegation to the National FFA Convention.

The prepared public speaking CDE is designed to recognize outstanding FFA members for their ability to prepare and present a factual speech on a specific agricultural issue in a well thought out and logical manner in a competitive setting. Members prepare and deliver an eight to ten minute speech from memory and respond to five minutes of questions. The event is just one way FFA members can develop their ability to communicate in a powerful, organized and professional manner.

The National Veterinary Science CDE is a competitive event that tests the participant’s ability to apply veterinary science knowledge and skill in practical settings as well as identify breeds, parasites and equipment. Participants also complete a written exam and respond to scenario questions about current topics in the veterinary industry. Teams present to a panel of judges about the roles and responsibilities of the veterinary team in a variety of situations involving patients from companion animal to large animal. Teams competed at local and state levels for the privilege of representing their state at the National FFA Convention & Expo.

The National FFA Agricultural Technology and Mechanical Systems CDE is a competitive event that allows students to apply classroom knowledge to real-life situations. Activities included in the event are a written exam, a team event, demonstration of problem-solving skills, and hands-on performance activities. Areas of emphasis include environmental and natural resource systems, machinery and equipment systems, structural systems, energy systems and electrical systems. Each team in the event has competed with other chapters in their state for the privilege of participating in the national event.

The National FFA Meats Technology and Evaluation CDE is a competitive event that tests students’ skills and competencies in evaluating and identifying meat carcasses and products. Event components include a general knowledge exam; beef carcass evaluation; identification of wholesale and retail cuts of beef, lamb, and pork; quality and yield grading of beef carcasses; a team meat merchandising event; and solving of a meat formulation problem. Each team has competed on the local and state levels to earn the privilege of representing their state at the National FFA Convention & Expo

To qualify for the National FFA Agriscience Fair students must:

• Be in grades 7 – 12.

• Conduct a scientific research project pertaining to the agriculture and food science industries and, present their findings to a panel of judges with a display and a report.

• Be selected as the state winner at their state agriscience fairs.

• Submit their full written report and application to the National FFA Organization postmarked by July 15.

• Be selected as one of the top 15 in their respective category and division.

The American FFA Degree qualifications include:

• Have received a Greenhand FFA Degree, Chapter FFA Degree and State FFA Degree

• Have been FFA members for at least three years.

• Have completed at least three years (540 hours) of high school agriculture classes, or 2 years of high school agriculture classes and one year of college agriculture classes (360 hours.)

• Have graduated from high school one year prior to the National FFA Convention which their degree will be awarded.

• Have maintained detailed SAE (Supervised Agriculture Experience) records, which demonstrate outstanding planning, managerial and financial skills.

• Have earned and productively invested at least $7,500, or have earned and productively invested at least $1,500 and worked 2,250 hours beyond scheduled school hours through their SAEs.