Report perennial forages and fall seeded crops to FSA by Nov. 17

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Producers are reminded of the requirement to report their perennial forages and fall seeded crops by November 17, 2014 to meet FSA program eligibility requirements. FSA and the Risk Management Agency (RMA), which oversees the Federal Crop Insurance Program, now have common acreage reporting dates. Due to this, perennial forages and fall seeded small grains for harvest in 2015 must be reported to FSA by November 17, 2014.

Perennial forages include alfalfa, alfalfa grass mixtures, and others that are intended for harvest in 2015. This also includes pasture grazing acreage. Fall seeded small grains include winter wheat, rye and others. Producers who are interested in participating in any 2015 USDA farm programs or just want to keep their acreage history up to date need to report the location, acreage and planting date of the applicable crop.

Producers with crop insurance must also report their applicable forages and fall seeded small grains to their insurance company.

Late-filed provisions may be available to producers who are unable to meet the reporting deadline as required. Filing an acreage report on these crops after the November 17, 2014 deadline will require the payment of a late-filing fee which amounts to a minimum of $46.00 per FSA established farm number.

Producers should contact the FSA office immediately to make an appointment to complete perennial forage and fall seeded crop acreage reporting by the Nov. 17 deadline. More information on FSA programs is available at