CLARIFIDE from Zoetis packs more information into latest version

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KALAMAZOO, MICH — New advancements by Zoetis to its CLARIFIDE genomic test will give producers new tools to predict future performance. More markers, new genetic conditions, Holstein coat color outcomes and a proprietary polled test highlight new test features available in October.

“Recent advancements to the CLARIFIDE test will help dairy producers discover new opportunities to advance their herd’s genetic potential through more advanced genetic decisions,” says Dr. Sue DeNise, executive director, Zoetis research and development genetics research. “These advancements by Zoetis signify our commitment to ongoing research and product development that benefits dairy producer profitability.”

The new technology inherent in the CLARIFIDE test includes the following:

• More markers. The number of markers increases from 12,000 to nearly 19,000 markers, with reliability comparable to other low density assays on the market. More than 17,500 markers are reported to the Council on Dairy Cattle Breeding (CDCB), with the remainder used by Zoetis in other research and development efforts.

• More genetic conditions, haplotypes and milk components with genotype results. These new advancements make the results official for specific breeds. Previously, some breed associations did not recognize haplotype data as official results.

• New coat color outcomes. CLARIFIDE now provides coat color identification solutions to Holstein producers to help them meet their goals to add red color to their herd.

• A new polled test proprietary to Zoetis for Holstein and Jersey cattle.

The results of the new assay will be reflected in animals that are included in the USDA-CDCB October reporting period for animals tested with CLARIFIDE. Information is available at regarding haplotype vs. gene-based results, coat color and the polled test.

“Dairy producers have made Zoetis’s CLARIFIDE the most widely used genomic test in all U.S. dairy animals in 2014 thus far,” says Cheryl Marti, senior marketing manager, dairy genetics and reproductives at Zoetis. “We’re proud of the paradigm-changing genetic strategies we’ve helped dairy producers adopt through education, industry partnerships and development of modeling tools. This coupled with our unmatched technical support helps turn genomic data into meaningful, useful and profitable results for dairies.”