Farmers Union Contribution supports NDSU Quentin Burdick Center

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North Dakota State University’s Quentin Burdick Center for Cooperatives has received $100,000 from Farmers Unions Enterprises. The amount will go to expand the center’s mission of education, research and outreach.

“Farmers Union is an outstanding partner in efforts nationwide for promoting cooperative business education,” says Gregory McKee, director of the Burdick Center. “The relationship among Farmers Union Enterprises, the Burdick Center for Cooperatives and the public is strengthened by the research and educational opportunities these funds generate.”

The Quentin Burdick Center for Cooperatives promotes education to college students about cooperatives. Cooperative education materials are developed and disseminated through electronic and social media sources. The center also conducts research that cooperatives can use to strengthen their operation and service to members.

Farmers Union Enterprises is a collection of farm input and output processors consisting of the state Farmers Unions of Montana, North and South Dakota, Minnesota and Wisconsin.

“North Dakota Farmers Union is a long-time supporter of the Quentin Burdick Center for Cooperatives,” says Mark Watne, North Dakota Farmers Union president. “Our financial support, together with that of Farmers Union Enterprises, will strengthen the curriculum taught at NDSU and further the development of curriculum for high schools to help build the cooperative system in the state. It is crucial that we continue to teach the co-op business model to the next generation.”

Watne also serves on the Quentin Burdick Center advisory board.

North Dakota Farmers Union was one of the founding donors to the Quentin Burdick Center for Cooperatives’ endowment and has supported the Burdick Center by funding projects to develop curriculum on cooperative business for high school students and new employees.

“The Burdick Center looks forward to leveraging these funds, together with those from other organizations, to create the next generation of cooperative business leaders,” McKee says.

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